Gaming comes of age … the hard way

I am a pretty rare thing – a gamer in his 40’s. Sure, on some forums I frequent there are gamers considerably older than me, but by and large I have more than a decade on the ‘average’ gamer. It is an unfortunate reality of passing the ‘big Four-OH’ that you start to see more and more friends getting divorced and dropping dead.  The GamerDad had a serious scare recently, but we have learned some good things about the people of the gaming world as a result.

But the majority of gamers are still in their their teens and twenties, and just barely moving beyond that point in life where they think that they are immortal and their parents fart dust. When I learned that Andrew had a heart attack and quadruple bypass surgery, I reacted much as I have when other friends have had similar experiences in the past few years. It was shocking because Andrew is still very young, but it was a matter of trying to support the family in whatever way possible.

I know that Andrew will comment on this soon, but I really wanted to express my shock, wonder, and awe at how the gaming world has reacted to this news. Sure there have been a few sites filled primarily with teens that have reacted like the juvenile idiots that teens almost invariably are to one extent or other (and I mean that in the most endearing way possible), but by and large there has been an outpouring – nay, a tidal wave, of thoughts, prayers, well wishes and more from people throughout the gaming world all over the globe.

When I listened to the recording of Wil Wheaton’s PAX keynote, he touched upon many things that Andrew has stressed since launching GamerDad – things that brought me here full-force. Things such as family and sharing and gaining social communities with people around the globe sharing nothing but the love of a great touchdown or frag or Staff of Wonder +12 … and I saw all of that in action this week. We have seen it here, on the GamerDad forums, and my email Inbox and Personal Message folders from a variety of sites have been bursting with heartfelt prayers for Andrew and his wife and kids.

So just like my teenage nephew starting college a few weeks ago who had liked a few too many video games in his day but turned out as an amazing kid, I am very proud to look upon the community that has built up around this hobby I have held dear since I got addicted to Castle Wolfenstein on my Apple ][+ 27 years ago. You’ve all done yourself proud!

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  1. Hear hear!
    This is a mature industry and some of the letters I’ve received from young gamers who are smart enough to be able to imagine what I’m going through have been very touching. The ESRB and ECA sent me cards, and I hope they paid attention to just how positively the grassroots of gaming reacted to this. We’re all gamers but most of all, we’re all wonderful people.

    I mean, once you get past the idiots who shout, we are, and even then, they’re only jerks when safely anonymous.

  2. GamerDad, are you referring to John Gabriel’s Greater Internet Dickwad theory? (

    [am I allowed to say “dickwad”?]

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