A Day of Thanks

picture-4.pngThanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday but this year it’s especially poignant. This year we have a lot more to be thankful for. This year I almost died and this year I learned an awful lot about myself and GamerDad.com. That’s why I’m proud to present a simple, straightforward and heart-felt post at GamingWithChildren.com. Come inside for more and a note from GamerMom.

(Go Packers!)

In case you’re new, on September 1st 2007 I endured several heart attacks. On September 3rd I underwent a Quadruple Bypass Operation and I’ve spent the better part of three months recovering. I need to thank family foremost. My wife was at my side constantly because my parents came up to help with the kids. My parents were able to visit just after surgery because my sister-in-law and mother-in-law pitched in despite the turmoil in our relationship. My mom stayed an extra few weeks to make sure we were all going to be okay.

And my readers responded to a plea for donations and help from GamerMom, and fellow websites and blogs helped spread the word about my plight. Websites as vastly different as Microsoft’s Official Xbox Blog and the grassroots phenomenon that is PennyArcade. Over 1000 people donated as little as $5 and as much as $1000. Notables like Disney Family, Family Fun, the ESRB, the ECA, Common Sense Media, Microsoft’s Xbox.com, and actor/author/geek expert Wil Wheaton (Star Trek: The Next Generation). Needless to say, with a 1000 wonderful people, it’s hard to find the time to send out “Thank you” cards – and given your personal notes saying I should “keep it up” “don’t give up!” and more love for the site than I thought possible – I figured you wanted me to work rather than thank.

As I break bread with my family today, after viewing what I hope will be a terrific Packer victory, I’ll think of you. The money raised by that little fund raiser enabled me to wipe out all of our debt, get some new equipment for the site, settle some other debts, get two iPhones, and go to a Packer game at Lambeau Field (yes, I took that picture of Favre above with my new Canon – thank you! My third time there but first since it was renovated….


So thank you from the bottom of my newly repaired heart. Now, here’s a special message from GamerMom:

I would like to send a personal thank you to all of you that contributed to GamerDad. It was an amazing thing, witnessing the outpouring of support to something so special to me at a very scary time.

This heart attack was not a welcome adventure in our life but it has brought us closer together as a family as well as remind me just how important GamerDad is to my husband. A few weeks before the attack, Andrew took me to the Penny Arcade Expo and the amazing people at PAX made what Andrew is trying to do – and why – real for me. Gamers are wonderful people and because of that I shouldn’t be surprised you were as generous as this … but the outpouring of your support amazed us both. I can pledge to you all that Andrew and I will use your donations to further the GamerDad cause and keep parents informed on the latest games and software. Thank you again for keeping the faith alive in GamerDad, your generosity is heart warming.

-Linda Denison Bub

Happy Thanksgiving from the GamerDad Family!

-Andrew, Linda, Maggie, Henry, and Bubbles the GamerHound

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