For our kids, 9-11 is part of reality

A couple of days ago I picked up the pottery my kids made during their two-week drama camp at the end of summer.  They made several items, which augmented the singing, dancing and acting work they also did in the class.  We only heard about a couple of items, so it was great going through the ‘unveiling’ process and seeing how differently the two boys think.  But one thing in particular was fitting – and striking – to see this week.

It is amazing to me the extent that September 11th has become ingrained in the reality for these kids.  They were preschoolers when it happened, and we didn’t shield them from it the way many other parents did.  This was life, history, happening right before us and to us.  I know people who lost family on those planes, and have seen some of the many ways it has changed us as a people and a nation.  Yet I was still surprised and touched to see my older son produce a memorial to the event while on summer vacation.

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  1. 7 years and your son makes the first real memorial. Mike, this is amazing, kids are amazing, but this is also upsetting. Now that’s art! (I’m not one to talk, I caught my darlings playing surgery yesterday. I walked in and Henry was resting in bed comfortably while Maggie was taking various dolls to visit “daddy” in the hospital.)

    Catharsis is alive and well in the Andersen/Bub families.

  2. I am glad to see that and proud of you for teaching your children about present history! If he produced this on summer vacation, then it is the first real memorial! The World Trade Center has the beams of light and some othe rvery temporary stuff that went up immediately and there’s a temporary one in PA as well. But I am happy to say (though it is a bittersweet happiness) that the Pentagon Memorial was dedicated this year on September 11th. Thanks to the families of victims for driving that through until they got it done!

    It’s good to see your kids remember… I just wish more adults would! I had to work all morning to get our flag half-staffed at work… not because anyone was opposed to it, but just that no one thought of it!

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