Game Review: Rapala We Fish (Wii)

WEFISH_BOXOne good thing about fishing games on the Wii is that, while they all pretty much control and play the same, each title has a little something different to offer. If you want a laid back, more realistic fishing game, try Reel Fishing: Angler’s Dream. If you want an anime-looking, Pokemon styled experience, try Fishing Master: World Tour. But if you want a rollicking, fast-paced arcade Mario Kart styled fishing game, then Rapala We Fish will lure you in. Plus it’s the only one with talking fish. Yeah, you heard right. Talking fish.


First, pick one of five crazy anglers, like a cowboy, ninja, or Cajun chef. After you beat tournament mode once, you’ll be able to choose your own Mii as well. Then travel to real world fishing spots like the Seattle harbor, Nile River, or Florida Keys. Pilot your mini boat and use the map to find a fishing spot flashing in the water. Then choose a lure and cast away! Catching a fish is just like any other Wii fishing game. Reel in using the nunchuck, and move the rod with the Wii remote once you hook a fish.

In Tournament mode, the competition doesn’t end after you catch your fish. Each fishing spot has different goals, like catching a certain amount of fish, or a particular total weight of fish, before the other competitors. Once you snag a fish, you’ll hold it above your head in the boat, and must race back to the safe harbor circle to unload your fish. Your catch will only count if you have it back at the safe harbor. But on the way, the other competitors may try and ram your boat and knock the fish out of your hands. But you can do the same to them, and use wacky weapons and power-ups to turn the tides.

Up to four players can compete at the same time in the party styled Tournament mode, or you can play solo against the computer. Try Free Fishing if you just want to relax and catch fish without all the crazy boat antics. View your biggest catches and unlocked lures in the Records screens.

The cartoony styled visuals are fun yet lacking in detail in places. The fish are especially silly. Their eyes will bug out when they see a lure they like, and once you catch them, they’ll talk to you! “I’m an electric eel, watch out or I’ll shock ya!” Play control is easy and quick to learn, so if you like arcade styled party games on the Wii, you might want to reel in We Fish.


Kid Factor:

Kids love to fish, at least the ones I know do, so they’ll really enjoy the cartoon style and simple controls of We Fish. Some of the tournaments can be a little tricky and rely on luck, so younger players might need a little help. Reading skill isn’t necessary, as all the in-game text and instructions are followed by spoken voice. Rapala We Fish is rated E for Everyone with an ESRB descriptor of Comic Mischief, as you can wallop other boats with crazy weapons like rubber ducky missiles.

3 Responses to “Game Review: Rapala We Fish (Wii)”

  1. My kids love this game!!!! They are 7, 4 and 2…even though my two year old doesn’t know what she is doing;)

    The oldest two even caught some fish that we hadn’t even found yet.

  2. While I agree that this isn’t the most realistic fishing game, the graphics are awesome and the kids love it. The cartoonish characters are perfect for younger kids, which is why we got this one. Now I still have my Reel Fishing for more serious fishing gaming.


  3. fsish awesome, lober betor

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