Capcom Arcade Cabinet: 1986 Games

WINGS_BOXThe next batch of games on the Capcom Arcade Cabinet are from 1986, and it’s a mish-mash of different oddities. We have the 2-D side scrolling apocalyptic hack and slash Trojan, the car battler The Speed Rumbler, 2-D shooter Legendary Wings, and horizontally scrolling shooter Side Arms.


In the unfortunately named Trojan, you are a warrior with a sword and a shield, tromping through post-apocalyptic ruins of a city. You can slash enemies or block their attacks. Only problem is your character moves so slowly, and yet the enemies and their projectiles can zip along much faster. It makes the game needlessly difficult and not very much fun. I remember this was at the Pizza Inn near my house as a kid, but it was so horrible that it didn’t last there long! My friend and I rented the NES version back in the day and wanted to break our controllers after playing it!

The Speed Rumbler

This is an interesting top down viewed 2-D game. You drive a car that can fire at enemies, but you can also hop out of the car and shoot on foot if need be. Your car can take multiple hits, but fires slowly. While on foot, you can shoot faster and are easier to control, but you are more susceptible to attacks. It would probably be more fun if the game were easier.

Legendary Wings

Both a vertically scrolling shooter AND a horizontally scrolling shooter with platforming elements, Legendary Wings is interesting because the main character is a winged female (player two is a male, I think). Similar to games like Xevious and Dragon Spirit, you can shoot enemies in the air and bomb ground targets. In the side scrolling section, you can jump with the bomb button. I think this game would be a lot more fun if it weren’t so darn hard! I had the NES version as a kid. Not sure how I got it, but I don’t remember buying it for myself so I think it was a birthday present from a relative who didn’t know what kinds of games to get me or something. The NES version was also ridiculously hard, but I remember playing it a lot.


Side Arms

And finally is Side Arms. Similar to Section Z, you play as a guy/robot with a jetpack and gun in this 2-D shooter. You can fire forward and backward, too. While rather hard, Side Arms looks and plays better and turned out to be more enjoyable than what I thought it was going to be.

And that’s all for now. For the final day of Capcom Arcade Cabinet game features, we’ll look at titles from 1987 to 1988!

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  1. Now all of these are new to me. Side Arms sounds like one I’d enjoy. But I think I will avoid Trojan after your review. I don’t like to break my controllers!

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