The Fighters of Dragon’s Crown (PS3, Vita)

DRAGON_BOXOne of the games I got recently was Dragon’s Crown on the PS3. It seems like it would probably be a better fit on the Vita, but since I only have a PS3, I’ll just be happy with that version! I thought it might be fun to write a little bit about the characters you can control in the game, so here’s a short blog about the fighters you can play as. I was in a silly mood when I wrote this, so be warned!

Dragon’s Crown was made by VanillaWare, and as a fan of their other games Odin Sphere and Muramasa, I wanted to get this one, too. Just like the others, it has beautiful graphics and very interesting character designs. Dragon’s Crown is a 2-D side scrolling co-op beat ‘em up game. The fantasy settings and the fact that you can ride certain beasts remind me of Golden Axe. But the large RPG elements regarding equipment and missions also remind me of Dungeon Fighter. Many have compared it to Capcom’s Dungeons and Dragons arcade beat ‘em ups, but I’m not quite as familiar with those titles, though (I know I should probably download them on PS3 or 360 at some point).

I’m enjoying Dragon’s Crown a lot so far, but I’ve noticed that some of the character designs have raised a bit of controversy. Me, personally, it doesn’t really bother me much, but then, I just view it as a silly video game. Even so, Dragon’s Crown certainly earns its T for Teen rating with suggestive themes, partial nudity, and violence. So it’s really best for teens and older gamers. Anyway, here are the characters you can play as in the game:


This is just your typical ‘knight in full armor with a shield’ guy. Kinda boring, really. I think it would be funny if there was a skinny little dude under all that armor. At least his armor doesn’t get knocked off and he has to run around in his undies like Arthur from the Ghosts N Goblins games.


Even though I do like side scrolling beat ‘em ups, I’m not really very good at them. It’s OK to like a game that you’re not good at, right? Anyway, because of that, I try to pick characters who look really strong. So that’s why I picked the Amazon to play as. She has a big axe (I said AXE), and is very strong and muscular. She’s definitely been eating her spinach. Only problem is she’s rather underdressed, but oh well. Strong female video game characters are pretty cool regardless.


If I didn’t pick the Amazon, I’d probably pick the dwarf. He’s pretty strong, too, and probably ate some of the spinach the Amazon had. He says some funny stuff, too, and one more reason for me to be reminded of Golden Axe.


I guess most of the controversy about this game comes from this character, as her breasts are ridiculously out of proportion. Instead of complaining about it, though, I just chose not to play as her. But then, my choice to play as the Amazon really isn’t any better. But I just play to have fun and not worry about stuff like that too much. The Sorceress still looks like a tough character, though, like maybe she ate a little bit of the spinach the Amazon and Dwarf ate. But not as much.


The little elf girl is the only normal looking character in the cast. I guess the Amazon and Dwarf didn’t share their spinach with her. How mean! The only reason why I didn’t play as the Elf is because the game said she was meant for advance players. And I knew I wouldn’t stand a chance!


He just looks like a regular wizard and what you’d expect for him to look like, minus the beard. When I had a Wizard on my team, I kept hearing this guttural, moaning sound. ‘Was that the Wizard?’ I thought. Turns out it was! I guess that’s the noise the wizard makes when he casts spells. Sounds like he has a tummy ache!

And that’s all the characters! Maybe some of you can play online with me sometime. Who are your favorite Dragon’s Crown characters? Let me know in the comments section! Later! –Cary

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  1. I started playing as the dwarf. Need to go back and finish this! I’m up for some online someday!

  2. Sounds great! I’m playing a lot of DuckTales Remastered and Disney Infinity right now, though. Send me an email with your PSN code!

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