Unpixelate (iPad)

PIXEL_BOXUnpixelate is a marble maze rolling game downloadable for the iPad and iPhone (reviewed on iPad here).  Use the touch screen to control your marble as you roll around obstacles like pits and breakable floors.  Try to collect all of the cubes in the level then head for the exit door.  Gather enough cubes to unlock new levels.  I guess the name comes from the fact that as you roll closer to objects, they become less pixelated and more clear and detailed.

Use the touch screen to roll your marble around.  Tap on the bottom to make it go left, right, up, or down.  Use the top part of the touch screen to control the camera.  You’d think the play control would be easy, but there are two aspects that make it not so.  I couldn’t tell you how many times I rolled off the stage trying to adjust the camera, only to roll the marble off instead.  And the picture cues in the tutorial levels aren’t very intuitive.  Half the time I didn’t notice them, and it took me forever to figure out that you double tap on the screen to jump!  I’ve been enjoying these types of games since Marble Madness in the arcade, but bad controls keep this one from being fun and playable.


Kid Factor:

No violence or objectionable material here.  No reading is needed either as all the instructions have picture cues only (words might’ve been nice in this case, however).  Younger gamers may get frustrated at the harder levels and bad controls, though.

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