Ask GamerDad 3/14/08

300×100_gamerdad.gifSorry, I was out of town and didn’t link this one when it went up. It looks like I’m on a roll now. The questions for my exclusive WhatTheyPlay column are getting harder and better – and more numerous – and I’m starting to have a really good time answering them. This week I tackle: Super Smash Bros for the under E-10+ set; Bilingual gaming; “I’m 61 can you help me find X in game Y?”; Gaming with Kindergartners, and a pressing question involving lunch meat. All this and more, follow the link!

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  1. I would let ANY kid play Smash Bros. The T rating has always baffled me. Nobody really gets hurt, and in the winner results screen, the losers are even CLAPPING for the winner! (though Bowser claps rather reluctantly). –Cary

    PS: I’ve been kind of absent from the Internet lately because of Brawl.

  2. I was very surprised that Smash Bros Wii was rated T … in my estimation the only reason SSBM was T was that there was no E-10 at the time. It is still non-stop bash-crash-violence, but the thing that bothers my wife (ultra-sensitive to violence) is the constant noise of the characters 😀

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