Live from New York

On Wednesday April 23rd at 7pm EST, the ESRB’s President Patrica Vance, National PTA President Jan Harp Domene, and Your Friendly Neighborhood GamerDad were joined by the host of WGN’s Technology Tailor radio program, Alex Goldfayn, for a video presentation on Internet Safety and Video Games. We even had a Q&A afterwards! It could not have gone better. Want to read it? See it? Hear it? Then click it!

2 Responses to “Live from New York”

  1. Great job! I’m very glad to see the ESRB and the PTA acknowledging that, yeah, gamer parents do exist, and they can lend a great deal of knowledge and expertise to these types of discussions. Shows some insight on their part.

    ‘Course, they couldn’t have picked a better representative. 🙂

  2. Very nice – I’m glad this got such good coverage!

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