Ask GamerDad 2/06/09 (Double-Sized Issue!)

My son calls Indiana Jones “Indy-Andy” Jones because he figured out my name. But this isn’t about all that, this is about a great deal: Bang, boom, pow Ask GamerDad action for the same free price! 

I’ve been flakey lately with these issues and I apologize. Despite this, you haven’t been flakey at all, so I’ve got lots of questions piled up. Here’s handy-dandy-Indy-andy double sized issue spectacular!

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  1. A good GTA style game without the bad language and violence? I recommend Steambot Chronicles on the PS2 if you can find it! –Cary

  2. Another great column, Andrew.

    I would recommend Hulk: Ultimate Destruction (for GC, Xbox, and PS2) for anyone looking for a great, T-rated sandbox game. Violent? Yeah, but Hulk violent, which is always fun. 🙂


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