GamerDad, the PTA & ESRB II

In April of 2008 GamerDad (me) teamed up with President of the National Parent Teacher Association Jan Domme (PTA)and  the President of the Entertainment Software Ratings Board Patricia Vance (ESRB) to produce a booklet, a couple web segments (with an ultra cheesy host), and a “webinar.” The Booklet is linked to the right. Here’s the second segment (I’m on after the ladies)!

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  1. I am happy to see this happening. I mean normally the media is ..well screaming about sex in games.! Action movies deemed good for 15 year olds have more sex! Violence…hello shooter!

    Parents really need to understand what they can do.

  2. I’m happy too. I remember the time when my parents would let me watch any R rated movie but only some T rated games (that some basically being metroid prime because they understood that I had played the hell out of the old ones when I was little), citing the fact that games turn you into a crazy psychopath killer and will make you shoot your school up. I’m not even joking. This is the reason they told me. Well, I’m just glad that thanks to gamerdad games can be more tolerated among the media and parents alike.

    PS : Those rules I described above were in effect until I turned 15 and they quite frankly stopped argueing with me. Hooray for knowing how to create powerpoint presentations explaining why it wouldn’t be so bad if I got that Half-Life game I wanted.

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