PS3 for Family?

ps3Ethan Writes: Hello! My family has a Wii, and “Wii” all enjoy it. But I
want a PS3, but my parents say no. I have tried to convince them with
things like showing that this system has games that would appeal to
All of us and I need some help. Do you think that the Playstation 3
is a good family console?

It’s a good family console but it isn’t the best by far.

It depends mostly on if there are young kids involved. For younger kids I’d stick to the Wii. While the PS2 was easily the best family console in the last generation. Sony’s been slow but they do have some fine family games like GuitarHero/RockBand, Karaoke game and my favorite quiz show game “Buzz.” The system also has Little Big Planet, which is a wonderful game. Sony’s online store also has some good kiddie games.

Now if you’re talking about a teenager, the PS3 almost matches the 360 in terms of cool exclusive games. It is more hardcore and of course comes with a Blu-Ray player and the ability to stream movies from your PC – among other things.

So, if your parents are saying “no” because they think having one console is enough, then I can’t say paying for another system is a good idea. If they’re saying “no” because of M-rated games, the PS3 has plenty of E and T games.  The Wii is the best for casual gamers and families, so if that’s all they want from a system, they already have what they need.

That said, if they can afford it, tell them that a home with a Wii and PS3 isn’t that common and that the PS3 offers a wider range of top-notch gaming. Sadly, the best reason to get it is because you want it. It’s cool. Oh and the 360 is a better option if money is the problem.

Sorry that I can’t be more helpful.


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  1. I don’t think you can say one console is a better family console than another. For instance, my mother and I used to play Gears of War 2 together (sans gore). Any game can be a family game as long as it’s fun and everyone can play it. There are good games that are appropriate for everyone in the PS3, the one that comes to mind is Little Big Planet, and there are also enough more mature games to keep you entertained. Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 is a fun T rated title (even though it’s a little old). If you’re a teenager who’s looking for a good time, I’d suggest Demon’s Souls and Dragon Age: Origins. Neither of those are really family games but they’re both really fun single player RPG’s for PS3. Good luck convincing your parents.

  2. Is the 360 really the better option money-wise? A 120GB PS3 is $300, and a 120GB 360 Elite is $300. The Arcade model is less, but it has no hard drive, and if you want a Live connection, that’s another $100 for the adapter plus $50 for a year’s membership. A 360 Arcade would be good if you only want the bare essentials, though.

    I don’t have much experience with the “family” library, though, but like cross_breed said, “family game” is a pretty loose term.

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