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codncis2Curious Teen Asks: So, I’m 13 and not allowed to play M rated games. To the most part this does not bother me, but, seeing how most of my friends are constantly over a network with each other, It makes talking about games at school a little akward. Let’s get down to the point. If MW2 left out the controversial airport level, would it still be a rated m game? I know its a difficult question so a rough guess would be alright.

No and for the same reason they gave the first Modern Warfare an M-rating. That one had a controversial level as well, I won’t spoil it, so I’ll call it the “Apocalypse Level” – but really it’s right there on the box. Removing the airport level would still leave the Intense Violence, Drug Reference and Blood.

That said I’d like parents to consider his other point.  It doesn’t make it right and the decision is all yours, but teenage-hood often means “fitting in” and sometimes not having something can be a real bummer.  Non-gamers are probably likening it to a group of buddies saying “What? Your parents won’t let you see Avatar?!?” when it’s really more like:

“What? Your parents won’t buy you a Hockey Stick/Tennis Racket to play with us?” – sucks huh. But it is worth noting that Tennis Rackets and Hockey Sticks aren’t necessarily violent in the same way a game is.  I’m just saying NOT playing with your friends online – bonding and then talking about it at school – sucks.

But then again, lots of things suck when you’re a Teen.

This is from NBC's NCIS, it's not a real kid getting a talkin' too

This is from NBC's NCIS, it's not a real kid getting a talkin' too

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  1. I am a mature 12 year old boy. My dad will not let me get an m -rated game. Perticularly modern warfare 2, left 4 dead, halo, gears of war, and battlefeild bad company.
    My dad says he has to have proof that this game isnt harmful me. Do you think that those games are apropriate for me, and can you convince my dad to let me get these games?

  2. I am, i’d like to think, a mature 13-year-old boy. I actually can play M-games for the most part. I’ve beaten Halo 3, Halo:Reach, Modern Warfare 2, played Nazi zombies on COD 5 and Black Ops. I have to say it does not really have a profound effect on me. My point is: Games don’t always have these violent effects some people claim they do.

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