There’s a Super Bowl Party in my Tummy!

MUNOWell the Super Bowl has come and gone and I bet you all are wondering what Cary’s favorite commercial was from the game. You can find that out, plus more, in my new blog!


Normally I’m really not a big football fan. I’ll watch a game if it’s teams I care about (the Texas and Alabama college championship game was a dilemma because I like BOTH teams). But I’ll watch the Super Bowl because it’s usually an exciting and fun game. And this year was no exception. I rooted for the Saints because I like to cheer for the team that’s furthest south, and they’re the underdogs. So I am glad they won.

Another thing I like about the Super Bowl is getting to eat all those yummy snacks! This year we had those little sausage things, nachos and cheese, and BBQ chicken nuggets! Yum!

I liked all the lasers in the halftime show. Brother Jeff’s friend called it “Laser-geddon.” It looked like The Who was being abducted by aliens! Or maybe they are aliens! I don’t think they sang as good as they used to, but hey, give ‘em a break. Nobody’s getting any younger around here!

Another thing I like about the Super Bowl is that on Animal Planet they always show the Puppy Bowl. Animal Planet knows that nobody is going to watch them with the Super Bowl going on, so for the past six years they make a low budget football themed stage in a studio and let puppies play on it. And then they film it! It really is an ingenious idea because it’s so simple and stupid. And who doesn’t like puppies? Every year they always add new things. Last year’s kitten half time show returned this year. And this time they added dog tailgaters, bunny cheerleaders, and hamster blimp pilots! It was all cute and gave me something to watch besides the pre-pre-pre-pre-pre game show.

But of course, my favorite thing about the Super Bowl is the commercials! But it’s not just the Super Bowl; I like commercials in nearly every TV show I watch! I just find them funny, usually. I guess I’m just easily amused. So because I like commercials, here’s a rundown on the ones that stuck out in my mind at the Super Bowl.

Cary’s Favorite Super Bowl Commercial

I thought I should cut to the chase instead of waiting until the end to tell you all my favorite one. So here it is. My favorite was the KIA car commercial where the kids’ toys were driving the car, going to a nightclub, and other places. It was funny when the sock monkey got a tattoo sewn on him. But my favorite part of that commercial was that one of the toys was a character from the Nick Jr. TV show, Yo Gabba Gabba! (in the comments section, if you can NAME the character who was in that commercial, you win a power pellet). If you were outside that night and heard someone scream, “HOLY CRAP, YO GABBA GABBA’S ON A SUPER BOWL COMMERCIAL!” Yeah, that was me.

Yo Gabba Gabba really is a stupid and insipid kids’ show. That’s what makes seeing one of the characters at a night club in the commercial seem even MORE funny! The only reason why I even watched a little bit of that show one time was because they use 8-bit chiptunes and NES graphics in their segways, and I caught one while flipping channels so I had to see it. Plus, they make fun of the show a lot on The Soup.

I can’t really say the show is educational, but it really is trippy! One of the characters is a robot who sang “It’s fun to brush your teeth” over and over and over and over. And another time, this green monster was eating lunch and sang a song about a party in his tummy. And then the green beans and carrots on his plate started to cry because they were not invited to the party in his tummy. So he asked if they would like to come to the party, and they said yes, so he ate them! Then it showed a cartoon animation of the inside of his stomach, and all the food was dancing around in there! Yay, we’re being digested! It’s MESSED UP, I tell you!

The Rest of the Ads

But at any rate, the car commercial was very clever and my favorite at the Super Bowl. Before I conclude, here’s a rundown on the other commercials that stuck out in my mind.

There were a bunch of other car commercials. One kind of annoyed me because it was about men saying they would be willing to do stuff like watch their girlfriend’s dumb vampire shows and stuff, as long as they got to drive their own car. These kinds of commercials are a little annoying to me because it kind of portrays that you have to drive a car to be a man. And I can’t drive a car because I’m blind in my left eye. But you know, it’s just a silly commercial so I don’t let it bother me, really.

Bud Light didn’t have any that really stuck out in my mind aside from the one where they made a house out of the cans, and the other where they made a people bridge for the beer truck. At least Budweiser had a Clydesdale commercial, this time featuring a longhorn!

Doritos also had quite a few. The one where the kid said ‘don’t touch my momma or my Doritos’ was cute, as was the other ones about the dog collar and the guy with the Doritos samurai suit.. Doritos had a contest to make these commercials, and the dog collar one only cost 200 bucks to make, and it won from what I heard.

I’m a little afraid to go to the Go Daddy web site now! I might see something rated R that I shouldn’t be seeing! Since I don’t have any reason to go to a site about Web hosting, I’ll make up my own ending to the Go Daddy commercials. So once upon a time, after the Go Daddy girls ripped off their clothes, they noticed they were wearing ninja outfits underneath. So they decided to become female ninjas and go on ninja adventures together. The End. Hey at least my ending is more family friendly for this site.

I didn’t need to see the Dockers commercial where the guys were walking around in their underwear! Ew. And a violin playing beaver was cute, but a little unoriginal. They also had those E-Trade babies again, and I did like the one where the baby thought the airplane pilot announcer was his dad’s voice! Lots of movie previews, too. Don’t have any interest in seeing any of them, though. Not even Prince of Persia.

Lots of screaming chickens from Denny’s. I bet it’s going to be crowded when they do their free Grand Slam breakfast. I bet the pancakes are screaming, too! A lot of people liked the commercial where Betty White and the other senior adult got tackled. It was cute, but not as good as Yo Gabba Gabba going clubbing! And those workers at the Hyundai plant in Alabama must be really strong to pick up a whole car!

I don’t know who the girl in the hot tub was who imagined taking a picture of herself with her cell phone and posting it and having everyone fall off of ladders because they were distracted by it. I barely even know how to make calls and text on my cell phone! I bet my boss at work would’ve liked the Simpsons Coke commercial; she’s a big fan of that show!

And that’s all the commercials that stuck out in my mind. There were more, I just don’t feel like remembering them. I’m sure you can watch them on the Internet somewhere, but I’m just old fashioned I guess, so I’ll just talk about them. What were YOUR favorite commercials?

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  1. The girl in the hot tub was Megan Fox. No other woman could cause such widespread havoc with one picture! =P

    The commercials seemed kinda weak this year, but I did like the Doritos commercials with the little kid slapping the guy and the one with the samurai suit.

  2. Muno.

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