Who Am I, What Am I, Why Am I Here?

askgamerdadGamerDad Writes: Since so many websites and other outlets have basically stolen your act, what’s the point of GamerDad.com? You don’t have the money to effectively compete and your audience, while still sizable, is largely silent. So, GamerDad, what’s the point to GamerDad? I mean, you’ve kind of won your battle, haven’t you?

Good question Me.

No, I’m not giving up the site/blog and yes I intend to continue doing what I do and answering questions – even if the questions are becoming very samey and boring, the conversations afterwards are usually worthwhile. I’ll also continue recommending games that I like.  But I have to admit there’s a continuing identity crisis.  When I started GamerDad we were alone. The only other places like us were either very religion oriented, very anti-games or fear oriented, or just plain clueless.  That just isn’t true any more.

Now there’s WhatTheyPlay and CommonSense Media.  The ESRB does a better job explaining why a game got which descriptor. Mainstream news outlets like Slate’s XX Blog are doing my thing. And there’s more, but I haven’t been paying very close attention lately.  YouTube is a repository of every game’s most offensive or questionable moments.

My point is, there’s now plenty of sources for any parent to find almost anything they want to know about games.

There are ways I could still compete.  Nobody is rating games for age-ability or even reading level – yet.  And while my act has been thoroughly stolen, that’s okay because my goals were always roughly as activist as they were business. We are being watched though – by developers, PR people and some other luminaries in gaming and in news.

You’ve probably noticed that I’m posting more often now.  That will continue and thanks for reading, that will always matter. Oh and Cary will keep posting and being Cary, which is something I really enjoy – so, I am GamerDad, I write about games, and I help parents.  Question answered?

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  1. Please do keep posting, you may not be the only game in town anymore but you’re still a great resource.

    Whatever direction you may take in the future, i look forward to seeing it.

  2. Thank you so much for continuing to post. GamerDad, you are the reason my parents, while still unfortunately anti-game, have very much opened their minds. You do much better and more compelling work than CommonSense Media. Keep doing what you’re doing.

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