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imageviewJacob Writes: hi, my names jacob im 11 and my mum wont let me get call of duty world at war
Nearly all of my mates have it and most of them are 10!!!! they sometimes leave me out because 1 time my friend Felix sed he was gonna play burnout paradise online on the xbox 360 but then my other friend Ed was playing cod so he joined in on that and i couldnt and i felt left out :'(  lol no, but realy i think its not fair at all plz email me bak

And Jacob Writes Again: my mom is realy annoying me she keeps saying no and i realy want it

I’ve answered this question before, but I get it all the time – all the time – so here we go again!

First: Call of Duty WAW lets you fight the Germans in France and the Japanese in various locations. It’s pretty accurate, bloody and there’s some bad language.

Tough. Sorry dude, it’s your Mum’s choice just like it’s your friend’s Mum’s choice to LET them play it.  I know it stinks to not be able to join in when your mates play, but what happens with the next Adult rated game? You’ll pester your Mum about that one too and the cycle goes on, and on, and on…  One point you can make, if this is also happening, is that you’ve watched mates play it. Playing a game isn’t the same as watching it but most of the content would be rated 13 or so if it were a movie. Most of the content.

So, sorry Jacob, I can’t help you here with your quest to annoy your Mum into letting you play the game. I suggest you stop though, if you keep it up you’re not showing maturity.  I know its awful feeling left out and I’m sorry for it. But that’s the way the game is rated and according to your ratings system, she’s doing the right thing.

Wait a couple years. There’s plenty of time to play these kinds of games.

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  1. Hey,

    Just thought I’d add that COD5 does have a very good content filter, one of the best I’ve seen in a game. Blood and Language are completely removed from gameplay, including bodies falling apart. The cinematic cut-scenes blur out the nasty bits, including real WW2 footage. In-game cinematic moments are panned away from nasty bits like the first scene when you are a POW for example.

    The filter works for every aspect of the game EXCEPT multiplayer, and in essence brings the game down to a T rating, although the themes are more mature than most T games, and you are only 11…

    And also Gamerdad, what you say about parent’s decision being THE decision is right, but I think that when kids write to you, they are not asking you to argue against their parents (or at least they shouldn’t) but more likely asking for your opinion to be presented to parents as information to help them make an informed final decision.

    Not trying to be critical, just maybe another way to look at it, the way I’d look at it, or at least the reason I’d be writing to you in their situation. I love your writings, one of the few sensible voices out there since ESRB can’t seem to handle the fact that yes, better graphics is going to mean more realistic games, but that shouldn’t mean everything that verges on mature gets an M slapped onto it. As the technology progresses there are fewer and fewer games with the T rating and more and more with M ratings. So thank you and keep it up!

    P.S. Long time reader, first time poster!

  2. same problem with aliens vs. predator, WTF ive seen the movies

  3. Why is this kid complaining to Gamerdad in the first place? It was just a waste of time cuz we all knew what the answer would be and the child does not even have the decency to use correct grammer and language in his question! It was like he was sending him a text message on his cell phone! I hate when these 10 year olds come running complaing to Gamerdad as if he were their father saying,” Mum said no but i REALLY want to play it so undermine her and say yes please!” I used to read these all the time but I agree with Gamerdad on this one, he keeps getting the same question over and over, its annoying!

  4. P.S. Ever think of a Bad Company 2 review?

  5. jacob if your moms worrid about the blood grafic you can filter it to no blood at all i have the game!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Jacob reply me heres my email adress

  7. ppls im 8 and i have M and T games so jacob just tell your mom that i have The godfather game IV and i really do have it

  8. reply to me jacob so i can know if my way works here is my email address

  9. i have call of duty world at war…………

  10. Im 12, very mature for my age and understand why my dad wont let me play this game. but is there really a filter that lets you turn the gore off, because if there is then my dad will let me get the game.Please comment bacck

  11. I am 10 (will turn 11 in a month) and mature for my age. I really want world at war, but my mom won’t let me play it because It is rated M, but I am allowed to play T games. Is there really a content filter?

  12. Yes, there is a filter I am a COD fan myself and Gamerdad is right, wait a little time, and show your mom that you’re mature.

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