A Teen Admits I was Right?

Grand_Theft_Auto_IV-Niko_BellicCONFUSED GAMER WRITES: Hey Gamerdad its Confused Gamer again. When i last talked to you i was 13 and i had been asking why my parents had not let me play GTA 4. I am 15 now and have played through the game and must say how amazing and mature the game was. I used to hate how you told parents that they should not let their kids play it but after playing through it i could not agree more. Though the game is very detailed and immersive, I am glad i waited. I guess i just wanted to say thank you for all your advice and to all you other teen gamers out there trying to get this game, if your parents say wait, wait! It is worth it, trust me.  P.S here is a link to see my most recent question.

GamerDad Says:  Thank you, this is the first real followup I’ve ever gotten and it’s really cool to get it.  I’m glad you waited and understand now, even though you still played it below the recommended age you’ve learned a good lesson about patience and maturity. It works different for everyone.  For the record, my thoughts on GTA4 -which is a terrific game – are unchanged. I still think this one is better for adults not really because of the violence and drugs, not really because of the sex and nihilistic storyline but because the satire is distinctly adult.  It’s a mature game in every sense.

So thanks for your followup man!  Just be careful, now a bunch of 13 year olds are going to hate YOU!

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  1. That’s pretty cool. As a 15-year-old myself, though, GTA is one of the games my parents still won’t let me get.

    It’s alright with me. I’m more of a fantasy/sci-fi person anyway.

  2. How many GTA4 related questions do you think you have recived since you have started?

  3. Ha!
    Halo 3 beats it by a huge margin (1200) but GTA4? At least 700. CoD4? 200 or so. Manhunt?125.
    That’s all I could gestimate now/

  4. i love this game

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