Help Wanted? Want to Help? Go ahead, Help Then!

Would you like to write for GamerDad? Sure, you all do. Why not? Lots of game developers, game journalists and VIPs actually read this site (I’m not kidding). This is just an idea mind you but I think it’s a good one.  I’m old. 39 next month and I’m finding it harder and harder to keep up on the newest games with the bipping and the bopping and the hippity-hopping. I don’t think I’m too old to be a gamer, but I’m getting too old to keep up like I used to and should. My kids aren’t old enough to pick up some slack. This is making me much less effective than I’d like to be. And that’s just lame. Cary Woodham does a GREAT job lightening some of the load with his enthusiasm but he’s only one extremely talented guy. Hey, I’ve got some eager adults and teens here right? They buy and rent games, right? Why not let you guys contribute your opinions? Sound good? Well, here’s how we’ll do this then–

Send me an email with a review in it. Any length is fine, you do your own grammar and spelling checks. All I ask is that you be accurate. What I want is you to explain the game and then talk about the ESRB ratings and descriptors. Then assign an age as you see fit. Seriously, whatever age you think is right.  If I disagree, I’ll add a note or post a comment disagreeing with you but this is a chance for REAL parents and REAL teens to talk about REAL games and will help me IMMENSELY in keeping this site relevant and useful.

Please note: No payment for you. I don’t care if you reprint your work anywhere, but you can’t include my additions. I will not fix grammar and spelling and I won’t post anything non-useful or terribly written. Try and be responsible, I won’t print a letter saying M-games are good for 3-year olds unless it’s to make fun of you.  PLEASE post your age, I don’t care if you use your real name. Don’t be offended if I never post your letter. Try and format it in email so I can do a quick copy and paste to get it up here. Any game is fine, old or new. Invite your friends to participate. This could be good for everyone.



Send plain text emails to TheGamerDad at gmail dot com. <- get that code? SUBJECT LINE – Review. Send one screenshot if you can. Google images is a good place, avoid anything original or watermarked with some other idiot’s site. Looking forward to reading these, keep them coming.  Thanks in advance!

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  1. This sounds interesting, and I’d like to give it a go, but I’d just like to know if there’s any specific type of game that you want reviewed. The reviews on the site at the moment are mostly of quite obscure and/or family friendly games, which makes sense but the original gamerdad site had reviews of a much wider range of games, from my recollection.

    In short, if I were to start reviewing games on this site (if you consider me worthy :P) then would it be OK for me to go a completely different direction with the games I review than Cary, you and anyone else who may start reviewing? Would you consider it to be appropriate for this site to have reviews for e.g God of War 3 as well as more family-friendly games?

    Also, will you accept reviews that may not conform entirely to that description, ESRB, age rating from reviewer structure? Would it be OK to, let’s say, describe the game, assess its quality, describe ESRB and more general ratings (remember, not all of your audience is from the US so not everyone who follows your site has the ESRB rating the games they buy) and then make a more detailed analysis of the level of “mature” content (rather than assigning a specific age rating)?

  2. We’re limited to what we get but yes, I would actually much prefer the M & T rated games that are cool. I can’t keep up with the Bad Companies, Assassins Creeds, etc., Mainly I want these to encourage more game talk. And your writing is definitely worthy, your opinion is also very valuable!

  3. Awesome, I have a few games I wouldn’t mind dropping reviews for. I’d love to do Mass Effect 2, but I’m only 6 hours in, so maybe later. Maybe Borderlands?

  4. Any interest in nostalgic posts of games re-visited? I could get into that.

    I might be interested in doing something mainstream once I get upgraded (can’t wait!).

  5. Sure, so long as its a game that’s still being sold. There’s no money in it, so game sites never talk about old games and you know what? Old games are what poor people should be buying.

    Borderlands would be great!

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