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THOM asks: Hi GamerDad,  Any chance you will be reviewing Just Cause 2 soon ?  My son is turning 13 and asking for this one.  I see it may have some sex content and language and violence, but he has already been playing Call of Duty 4 and Battlefield Bad Company 2, so not so worried about the violence.  Honestly it is hard to articulate what worries me about it, but I would rather not have him role playing with too much “F” language, or emphasis on sex themes or drugs. You probably get this all the time, so thanks very much in advance if by any chance you decide you can provide any sort of reply.


I doubt I will have the time to review this one any time soon, but I bet some of my readers can help.  If not, this is definitely the type of game where you can go to YouTube and find videos. I’ve played the demo, however, and it doesn’t jump out in my memory as an especially offensive game.  I’ve noticed, lately, that the ESRB had gotten more conservative lately, but here’s what they have to say:

“Bodies also react to postmortem damage, flailing (i.e., rag-doll physics) and emitting blood long after death. Within the free-roaming context (i.e., not missions), players have the ability to kill island citizens (never children); however, a “Heat Meter”-penalty system discourages these acts by attracting government agents and the local militia. During the course of the game, players may be required to transport a female escort to various locations or to visit a brothel called the “Mile High Club.” The dialogue contains mild sexual innuendo (e.g., “[he] was swapping bodily fluids with a well known general”), as well as more direct references (e.g., “well renowned for his excessive and deviant sexual habits,” “Mile High Club . . . so many sexual memories,” and “To the guards you are just another whore hound!”). The game contains several missions involving drugs: Players must secure drug lines, find hidden drug cases to increase their “Faction meter,” and transport drugs via trucks and helicopters. Although there are never any visual depictions of drugs (they are mostly just in cases and crates), the game contains several references to cocaine, amphetamines, heroine, and opium. The dialogue contains profanity—both in English (e.g., “sh*t” and “a*shole”) and Spanish (e.g., “ch*nga,” and “m*erda“).”

Because of the drugs, I can’t really recommend it for under 17 responsibly, but that’s your call because there are PG-13 movies and definitely TV shows that depict drugs in this way. F bombs are not dropped but it does contain the other stuff you fear, but like always, there’s almost no game that lets you “role-play” drugs or sex… okay maybe God of War.

I am offended by some of the quotes: “The Mile High club, so many sexual memories” is a terrible line. Doesn’t sound slangy and it would be like saying: “Ah, Denny’s, so many eaty experiences there.”

Anyway, your call at this point. I’ll let any readers expand using actual experience.

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  1. looking for any info on Godfather or Mafia games. My son has played all the Call of Duty games and wants either one of these, but I am getting really annoyed with the content of these games. I’d rather not have crude sexual talk or gore and excessive killing and excessive use of the F word. I realize both Mafia and Godfather games will have murders in them, but how graphic is the violence?

  2. The big difference between games like call of duty and games like mafia and the godfather is mostly how violence is portayed in the game. In call of duty u are mowing down invading commies in a valiant attempt to protect the country u love, whereas in mafia or mafia 2 u are killing people in cold blood, carrying out BRUTAL interrogations, and generally causing bloody havoc in a peaceful community. As for the graphicness (is that a word?) of mafia and the godfather, its right up there with GTA and Saints Row and theres plenty of explicit language to go along. So i wud think very deeply about ur kids maturity before getting him either one of these games

    Hope I helped!

  3. Hi,im 14 and want to get Just Cause 2,but if it has any sex or f-bombs my parents are going to tell me i can’t get it if pigs grow wings.If the sexual content is something optional,so i can avoid it then that might be okay , but if not then it won’t.Please look at it and tell me if it has mandatory sexual content in the story line or f-bombs,

  4. My wife bought my 8 year old son just cause 2 heard as*hole and about mile high club im adddicted to it but what age should he be to get it back

  5. Zachrius wrench is a fictional character in goodnight mister tom please enter a pin for more info


  6. Zachcrius Wrench, u r the parent, you decide when to allow him to play the game. Dont let random strangers tell you if something is ok for your kid. You and your wife are the only ones who know if he is ready for games with violence and or sexual undertones. If you already have the game you know whats in it so please tell us what you think. I have decided to allow my 12 year old to play the game based on what i have read and based on his current level of maturity. Kids are all different so it just depends on what they can handle responsibly.

  7. hello know a friends son who has ben playing this game and said “most parental websites say it should be rated T for teen because it is similar to gta in a way but there is barlly any swear words and they are minor i think this game should be rated t for teen

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  9. Hi I am a 11 year old (almost 12) boy and was wondering whether or not I should be able to play just cause 2, my dad went to common sense media and did not trust it because he did not know if they were really adults. So I need some kind
    of closure of whether or not I can and should be able to play this.

    thank you for your time

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