My Kids Book – Vlad the 5th Grader, is revised

eddieMade the changes, kept what I liked, replaced the clunky with the cool. Sat on it a week. Re-read and made more tiny adjustments. Sent it in on Wednesday. (Found more errors Wed night – of course.) It is now Day Three since Vlad took his NY trip. I’m doing better than expected. Yet my nails are ragged, my lip is gnawed, my body is soaked in sweat, my eyes burn, my brain is fevered, sleep is elusive. Will my life drastically change in a moment based on the whim of others? Or is this another painfully near miss? I’ll keep you posted. ALL signs point to the former – I got immediate, like scary immediate – responses from the people waiting for this and my wife is 100% convinced (and she’s the less optimistic one in the family) but it takes a lot of … something… to believe you belong on the “distinguished list” of one of the top publishers ever, on the shelves in Target, the Kid’s section at Barnes & Noble. Then again, as a friend reminded me, it took a lot of, something, to even try.

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  1. Best of luck GamerDad! Sounds to me like you’re on the path to success here.

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