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LIAM 12 asks: Hello Gamer Dad I am 12 years old and i want to get Halo Reach when it comes out but my parents won’t let me have anything above my age group. I have Halo 3 so do you think it would be ok to get Halo Reach?

GAMERDAD: I see your point. Truth is, as far as I can tell, Halo Reach isn’t that different in tone or content than Halo 3.  So we’ve caught your parents in a little bit of inconsistency. What can we do about it?

Next to nothing really. It’s their call, always their call and parents aren’t in any way bound by law to be consistent.

So, I’ll leave it this:

Hey, Liam’s mom and dad!  From what I’ve seen, Halo Reach isn’t different from Halo 3. So maybe the cow is already out the barn door. I recommend renting it and before that, when it’s released, visit ESRB.org.  They don’t have their detailed review up, but will soon.

I’ll sign off by thanking Liam. You should great initiative in your question and clearly you’re ready to hear the word “No.” Instead of betraying his parents by sneaking it in, instead of having a tantrum, Liam here calmly and politely asked for my opinion.

And that opinion is that Halo Reach will probably be okay. Also note, I haven’t played this one yet (I’m not even sure the title is correct) and you should check outside sources once the games hits the streets. Also I’m famously known for my belief that rating the Halo series M is absurd and that the game is best for 14+.

The ESRB and WhatTheyPlay is a good start!

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  1. I can’t comment on campaign, of course, but having played the Reach beta I’ll say that the multiplayer is basically the same as Halo 3, as far as mature content goes. The one thing that’s different in that respect are the new assassination moves, where if you hold the melee button you perform a flashier kill instead of a simple back-smack. The ones I’ve seen tend to involve stabbing, with a knife as a Spartan or an energy sword as an Elite, but there are some neck-snaps and the like as well. However, I wouldn’t say that this really raises the graphic-violence bar for the game. Just thought I’d point that out.

  2. ROLFCopter thanks! I’m always happy to have you guys add to my opinion. Especially if you have insider knowledge.

  3. I’d like to add to ROFL copter’s point that Halo mutiplayer in general can contain players of a less than stellar social nature. I would seriously consider limiting multiplayer to known freinds only.

    That being said I’m seriously considering Halo for my 8 year old son. It will be campaign and we’ll be playing together but it really is the most tame of first person shooters I’ve played. He’s a good kid and I feel it’s important to reward good kids with the opportunity to prove themselves.

  4. As a fellow gamer, I agree with the fact that Halo deserves a T rating vs the M rating. I think that if they let you get Halo 3, they should let you rent it as GamerDad had said, or atleast limit the amount of time a day you play it.

  5. The online gameplay is…um, brutal. I play the Halo Trial on my netbook PC and they just don’t stop coming. I can imagine that will be worse in Console versions, seeing as it is fluid, you do not have to worry about lag, and you do not have to worry about typing every few seconds, it’s voice.

    Even saying that, the players on the trial are less then great people. Even just in text. I am 14, and I can take it pretty well, but I am not sure how younger kids would take it. They’re names are vulgar, then take a liking to swearing. Like I said, I can take it just fine, but I fit into GamerDad’s age group for playing the game.

  6. It’s absolutely true that Halo tends to attract nasty people – I typically keep them muted myself – but Liam already has Halo 3, so I figured this probably wasn’t news to him. It is definitely something to keep in mind though.

  7. hmm… well that’s the steryotypical ESRB. a drop o’ blood, and an M is slapped on the box. unfortenatly, if you ever play the game online, you’ll here F-bombs, and ALOT of trash talk. luckily, it can be fillitered with halo reachs new system.

  8. On the back of game, “Online Content not rated by ESRB” Specifically put that there for the people with ‘dirtier” mouths, basically anything that you can go online, and talk to a group of people, has strong language. I’m only a year older than you Liam, and I got Halo 3 when I was 12, best game I have ever gotten, only after a bit of research, videos, and pleading, I eventually got it for Christmas. Halo: Reach is no different, and I wouldn’t find any significantly mature content, that a 12 year old cannot handle.

  9. Hi, i’m Sebastian and i really wanted to get Halo Reach, my mom isn’t too shure about it though. Can u tell her the good things and the bad things and try to convince her about getting it.??? Thanks,

  10. I am 14 years old (about 1 1/2 months from 15) n seriously want halo reach I read it’s like no worse then a T game etc, My Parents see M n think no in like 2 secs..All my friends play it. I feel like i’m missing out they also said no to R movies But I can watch them now..I heard it’s not bad they say no n Won’t even let me explain it sadly..I know you can mute it etc. I have bookmarked a 1000 pages who say it’s ok n they still won’t listen PLEASE help, halo is the ONLY game my friend will buy. Thanks,

    Travis M. Ellis

  11. My 9 year old is playing call of duty modern warfare at his Dad’s house…(I just found out) I don’t know anything about video games but I respect the Mature rating. Where can I find detailed info on this game and what my child is being exposed to?

  12. I have halo reach, and i am going to have to say that compared to to halo 3 its no different. i have been playing halo since i was five and the series is an all-a-round no different then some, if not most star wars games. I’d say rent it first like GamerDad said.

  13. I agree with u but I think it should be 13 and up also good job man u are mature and ready for this game

  14. Okay, here’s my story.

    I was introduced to Halo 3 at my friends house. I played my first splitscreen multiplayer match with him and his brother, and it was really fun. We also played some campaign, and it was a total blast. I told my parents about it, and they were like “Whatever, as long as you had fun.” And then I also played Halo Reach and told them, and they were still like “Whatever” but I had finally saved up enough money to get an XBOX 360 and get a Halo game, but then they realized it was rated M. They thought from what they heard it was T, because me and my dad play Metroid Prime on the gamecube. But, just because it was M, they wouldn’t let me.

    Please help? I want to have a good time playing Halo and playing it with friends.

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