Game Review: Littlest Pet Shop 3: Biggest Stars (DS)

Those popular big-eyed, bobble-headed miniature toy pets for girls, Littlest Pet Shop, are back in a big way in a game on the Nintendo DS. In the third installment, Biggest Stars, help your favorite pets practice and try out for the Biggest Stars teams, as well as collect ingredients to make cool fashions and yummy treats for your Littlest Pet Shop critters. The DS game comes in three different flavors: Blue Team, Pink Team, and Purple Team (Blue reviewed here). Each version has its own special pets to play with. And for a limited time, if you get the game at Toys R Us, it comes with two special real life toys exclusive to the DS.

In Biggest Stars, help your pets practice and try out for the team by playing touch screen based challenge. Each pet has their own special event and mini-game to go along with it. Tap the paws in time with the beat in a dancing game, and tap camera flashes for points as your kitty walks down the catwalk. As other pets, you’ll play dress up, jump hurdles, and fly through rings of clouds and more. Get a high score in the games to make the team. But don’t worry, you can try as many times as you like.

As you walk about town, you can collect flowers, fruit, and other ingredients. Use these materials at the boutique and bakery to make fabric colors and yummy treats for your pets. After combining the ingredients in a mixing mini-game, take your pet to the park to feed it treats, play fetch, and brush its fur. You’ll want to keep your pet well-fed and happy, because you’ll get bonus points in the mini-games if you do! By winning games, you can unlock fashion accessories for your pets to wear at the salon.

Aside from the main story mode, you can practice each mini-game you’ve unlocked separately in Arcade Mode. Or you can color pictures of your pets with the stylus. If you have a nearby friend with a DS and a copy of the game, you can play the mini-games together. And if you go to the Littlest Pet Shop Web site, you can use codes to unlock even more goodies in the game and online.

Kid Factor:

With so many mini-games and things to do, your Littlest Pet Shop fan won’t get bored quickly with this game. It’s definitely geared towards younger players, of course. Small gamers shouldn’t have any trouble with the lighter difficulty, and while there are picture cues to tell you where to go and what to do, reading skill is still necessary for all the text. There are lots of good messages and lessons in the game about practice, teamwork, and encouraging your friends. Littlest Pet Shop 3: Biggest Stars is rated E for Everyone.

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  1. What would you say is the age range? I have a 6 year old girl and we’re trying to find games that will hold her interest and challenge her.

  2. If your daughter loves the Littlest Pet Shop toys, I think she’ll adore this game. It’s got more content than I thought it would.

    But if you just want to get a quality DS title, my recommendations include Kirby Super Star Ultra (or any Kirby game, really), or The Legendary Starfy. Holler if you got any other questions! And thanks for reading! –Cary

  3. The first Littlest Pet Shop game was a huge hit with my daughter who was then 4. She LOVED the game and played it endlessly. There are lots of mini games and pets to unlock and it is probably a bit cheaper too, as it is a couple of years old by now. Starfy is another excellent game, but depending on her gaming skills she may need a little more help with it (the boss fights are particularly challenging for little ones). The Legendary Starfy has TONS of replay value and levels to go through and is a wonderful title, no matter what your age, while the Pet Shop series is definitely geared for little gamers.

  4. i luv lps 3 and i am 13. the only part i dont like is the part where you dont chat with your pet’s bff just like they do in lps 2:best friends. but i gotta say, its epic, even though i aint a girly girl 😛

  5. I was wondering if there’s anyone out there who can clear up a question that is driving my 7yo daughter crazy (and her mum as a result)! She has just purchased the LPS Blue Team game for her DSi and is wondering why she keeps losing pets. She is a capable reader and is following the prompts, but after collecting several pets, she has lost some of them and has no idea how she lost them or how to get them back.
    If anyone could help with this it would be greatly appreciated by us both! Thanks 😉

  6. it’s a good game but I finished it in one day…

  7. is this is a good game and does it require the touch screen because mine is broke

  8. i play lps i love lps and i want more

  9. Hi I’m here after like 10 years and I just felt like making a comment lol. I had the game when I was little and I loved it and I remember trying to blow the fruit off the trees

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