Halo 1 GTA 10 COD?

ZIGGY: If Halo is a 1 and GTA IV is a 10, where would you put CoD based on content?

Good question. I don’t do numbers normally because every parent has different reasons for limiting content by age. Some worry about violence, others about sex, mature themes, etc.,

Halo is clear cut. You kill aliens, the blood isn’t red, and the action and plot is Star Warsy.
GTA 4: is a realistic crime drama and very adult story of an immigrant struggling to survive by acting with and against criminals. There is some sexuality.
COD: is a realistic take on what’s happening now, or what happens anyway, in war. Zombies can be involved.

Short answer|
If Halo is 1
Then COD is 6
GTA 4 is 10

9 Responses to “Halo 1 GTA 10 COD?”

  1. Is halo reach ok for my 11 year old son?

  2. In response to your question, I am 13 and I own and actively play Halo: Reach. Halo: Reach, content wise, is not a very bad game. You have yourself in the form of a powerful warrior spartan, and you are working with a team to destroy an alien fleet threatening the planet Reach, which is like Earth. The game, at is worst, has blood, and some bodies that do disappear after time. The main issue to me is the multiplayer, because you are shooting other spartan people, not aliens. I would suggest taking off the voice chat setting so someone online wont trash talk or use inappropriate language you would probably not want your son to hear. Overall, i say go with it. Although you don’t have to go with my word alone 🙂

  3. hey im going to be thirteen in september do u think i should be aloud to play halo and or cod

  4. In response to Taylor’s question. I activly play Halo reach with my sons. My oldest son is about to turn 7. I set the parent controls on so that we do not hear any voice or in game chatter. I do think Halo Reach isn’t that bad comparably to other M rated games. I don’t let my sons play Call of Duty or anything else that I deem inappropriate for them to hear or see in a video game. I think that it is okay for your 11 year old son to play Halo Reach, but I would recommend setting peramitors for allowing him to play. I make sure my sons do their chores and homework before they are allowed to even turn on the XBox. Set your parental controls as needed. Other than that, I say let them play.

    For Cole, I would say yes, also witht he same stipulation with the parental controls set for the voice chate being muted. Other games can be quite vocal and/or vulgar and inappropriate language. Other than that I think you are old enough for both games. This is my opnion. by a 32 yr old father of sons who love playing video games with me.

  5. Hello Gamer Dad,

    My son wants a XBOX for his 12th birthday. I wonder what your opinion is between an XBOX and a PS3?

    I don’t mind fantasy violence, but I don’t feel comfortable with things that are too realistic or overly sexual themes.


  6. To Melanie, I have long pondered this question, I have believed for about two years now that the ps3 is the only way to go, because all the online play is free, however the voice/ parental controls need to be enforced and its also a dvd/ blu-ray player which xbox is not so its a better bargain to me. We have three ps3’s in our home and it makes gameplay less inexpensive all around plus we get to watch movies… That being said, I purchased a 360 kinect for the kiddos for x-mas this year and it was only because of the kinect, we played it at the pumpkin patch this past Halloween and fell in love with the action without using controllers like the wii or playstation move… So as far as games it really depends on what all his friends have that he is going on, but for me it was always the best bargain and keeping my pocketbook fuller…. Xbox live can cost up to an extra $100 a year… Hope this helps….

  7. It seems like all the good games these days are M…

  8. What comments do you have about Halo 4? I have an 11 year old son and a 9 year old boy that want to play.

  9. Hi, my son just turned 11 & is requesting to play Assassins Creed III. Any thoughts are appreciated! Trying to determine if you turn off language & violence how would this or other games then be rated? Thanks!

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