GamerDad Charity – I’m Lovin’ It!

We get games here and they stack up fast. What to do with them after I’ve cracked the shrink wrap and checked out the content. I’ve also sent M-rated games to Military charities and kids games to I’ve sold some and directed the money to But I’ve been lazy since my health took a nosedive and three years of games E-M piled up. Also, several Rock Band/Guitar Hero guitars, drums, and microphones. Some Leap Frog stuff , a steering wheel controller, and loads of DS games. Roughly 200 games in total. That’s a lot to ship to a charity. Then, at a McDonalds (I didn’t order anything) I saw the Ronald McDonald House charity and BOOM I knew what to do. See, this charity provides free accommodations to families with a loved one in the hospital. Often these families have children – kids in need of as much distraction as possible. I learned that first hand with my heart attack. Without distractions from family, my kids would have been a lot more traumatized and had my wife not been able to visit daily – I may have gone insane. Those kids need their families nearby and those families need comfort. So, yesterday, my family and I donated ALL of it to the local house

I’m not telling you this because I’m looking for praise – these games and accessories were mostly provided for my by PR firms. For ten years I’ve collected freebies, most of which have been reviewed and therefore are just sitting here.  I consider these games partial payment for my services – and unlike most websites, GamerDad is a resource not a critical endeavor. Sending me a game helps parents. Now it’s helping families.

Thanks to you reader, and you PR rep, and you game designers.  Thanks also to Ronald McDonald. I hate your food, but you’re a nice guy.

I’m lovin’ it!


4 Responses to “GamerDad Charity – I’m Lovin’ It!”

  1. That’s a great use of leftover game accumulation! (Don’t tell my wife!)

  2. It was great for the kids to go along and hear about the charity and why we were doing it. They were even squished in the car to fit all of the games and equipment. It was a great afternoon.

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