Hey all!  Just popping in to promise that I am planning on posting about LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean (Henry and I are on the third movie/episode already and the game is really fantastic), Portal 2 (love it love it love it) and most importantly the incredible LA Noire. That one needs writing because it’s very mature, in the true sense of the term.   I’m mainly here to say: “Yes, the email isn’t working.” and “No, this isn’t because I lost the domain or am abandoning the site” and “don’t worry, it happened because I’m forgetful and finding it hard to go back 8 years and remember just who I bought the domain from, the passwords, etc., It’ll happen, until then please use “TheGamerDad @” no spaces. As far as my general lack of attention to this site? Well that’s a combination of new health issues (yay!) and my focusing on parenting, landscaping, and trying to get my book done finally. That’s about it. Until later, check LA Noire on Youtube and ask yourself if bloody and totally naked crime victims (as well as every other descriptor) is okay for your kids (hey, crime is crime and the game doesn’t pull a single punch), get LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean, and by all means get Portal 2 for yourself. Happy GamerDadding.

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  1. I was wondering when I would get to read Bub’s take on Rockstar’s new game! We got my older son an X360 for Christmas so now I actually have a console (well, we have a Wii but that doesn’t really count) … still don’t play it …

  2. A Wii absolutely counts as a console. By virtue of the word Nintendo and the Italian stereotype named Mario. You can judge PCs my man, but not consoles. Nintendo. Mario.

    I swear, it’s like saying Disney isn’t a movie studio.

    I also know you were joking, and I agree that aside from a few family party style titles, Henry is the one who gets the Wii mileage. Also that motion control is important for the future, the Wii’s most compelling games don’t really use it.

    LA Noire is scratching itches I didn’t even know I had. It’s a new genre being born. Adventure gaming has come to 3rd person cinematic action gaming. Expect a detailed post soon – the game is huge and since I just became a Vice Detective, I’d better wait before commenting on the overall maturity. Bloody naked women you can move around looking for clues (turn the head, wiggle the arms) is going to be challenging enough (in fairness, naked and posed is how the Black Dahlia operated – and I think it’s a wonderful adult choice artistically because those bodies really made me want to catch that monster.

  3. And I know you don’t like anecdoting your boys but, how do you give one son a console? Does brother get to play? Do they fight? Is he banished to the Wii?

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