Christmas is a time for giving, well, actually any time is and should be, especially with today’s economy. GamerDad fully supports Penny-Arcade’s Child’s Play charity but since they’ve already hit an impressive $2.2 million, I figure my help can go elsewhere.  I lack the infrastructure to ask for your help, but one thing I don’t lack is videogames. Early last year the GamerDad Family proudly gave over $1000 worth of videogames, hardware and accessories to the Ronald McDonald House charity but this Christmas I decided to do something a little different by having my kids comb through their collections and give what they wanted to give. I told them to “make it hurt” but reminded them that others were hurting more. I was shocked and proud to see the results

27 games in total were collected and put into a box. A few garbage bags full of clothes and another with toys were also put into the back of the car and we drove over to the local Goodwill. I couldn’t have been a prouder parent.

I chose Goodwill for a reason. I normally try not to give to charities with a lot of overhead but in this case that overhead meant jobs. Jobs are a key word here because unemployment hurts a man, woman, or parent far more than just a lack of funds. Goodwill’s mission is to help provide jobs and job training by selling what you donate. This way the workers benefit, the jobless benefit and poor moms and dads can find things their kids need or want at a cheaper price than usual.

I know this is bragging and … I am bragging. I’m proud of my kids for their sacrifice. Some of the games donated are favorites. Mario Party 8, that new Kinect Victorious game, etc., but it’s their joy at doing it that makes me happiest.  If you can afford to, I urge you to think of your fellow citizens this Christmas. God bless us, everyone.

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  1. There’s nothing wrong with bragging about being proud of your children 🙂 Your kids have grown so much, literally and figuratively.

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Thanks Simon!
    Yeah, they grow up too fast. Yours are… what by now? Remember GamerMum? I remember her complaining that her kids had just started school. Kindergarten, Now they oughta be in High School or real close.

    And the bragging was more about a fear of coming across like “Look, I donated all this stuff. What have YOU done?” I’ll always brag about my perfect children.

  3. Brag away man! This is about your children and them turning into the young adults you were hoping they would. Brag till you can’t brag anymore!

    Your doing a wonderful job. Keep up the great work!

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