Champagne Toad!

We had champagne for my father’s birthday and, casually, I picked up the cork and showed it to my son Henry (GamerBoy, age 8 ) and said: “Looks kind of like Toad, huh?”  He smiled and pocketed it.  Toad is a character from his favorite games, the Mario ones, and yesterday he surprised me by creating this with no help from anyone. Awesome, huh?

3 Responses to “Champagne Toad!”

  1. Toad is my favorite Mario character. Henry has good taste.

  2. Henry should be very proud of himself! He did it all by himself over 4 hours 🙂

  3. Ha ha ha…Good one! He showed his creativity here, I think you should let him work in this kind of stream in future. This is the time to make his mind slowly-slowly. many kid games are there which are useful to make kids learn check them out too. All the best

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