Reader Review: Clan of Champions (PC)

Get ready for battle with Clan of Champions, downloadable on Steam for PC. Since younger brother Jeff is the computer game expert, I let him take a stab at this review.

Clan of Champions is a beat-em-up style adventure that is very reminiscent of a Gauntlet game with an emphasis on melee attacks. It has a very arcade-like feel, which isn’t necessarily bad, but a majority of what I played was not very story driven. It was fun going around beating up orcs, elves, and even skeletons. The game was very easy to pick up and play without too long of a tutorial. Some of the skill attacks were a bit confusing at first because I kept forgetting what combination of buttons did what, but I ended up getting the hang of it.

The game starts with you making your character. There is a bit of customization as you can choose your race (human, orc, or elf) and change your face and hairstyle. You then choose your fighting style, which determines your offensive and defensive capabilities. After that you just choose your mission and go! When fighting you have three main attacks (high, middle, or low) and when you hit your opponent they take damage accompanies by a little blood splatter. If they have armor on the place you hit the armor takes the damage instead, but after a while armor can break off.

Overall, I had a lot of fun with Clan of Champions. It was nice to just pick up a game and quickly proceed to beating up some baddies. Although some people might see it as a bit simple, I think that that just makes it unique as a game. –Jeff Orth

Kid Factor:

Clan of Champions is rated M for Mature with ESRB descriptors of Blood and Violence. While brother Jeff says the fights aren’t gory, just a good amount of blood spurts, it’s probably best for older gamers anyway. (Kid Factor by Cary Woodham)

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