Happy Father’s Day – We’re 15!

Um, hi?
It’s been a while. Sorry. First off, lets have a very warm round of applause for Mr. Simon Windmill, Mr. Cary Woodham, and every reader reviewer. I’ve been near, watching, reading, and liking but… Let me explain.

I launched GamerDad on Father’s Day 2003. Just a few years after my daughter was born, and months after my son Henry. Maggie just graduated High School and Henry is just about the most awesome 15 year old you could meet.

Maggie doesn’t game, but Henry has been a Nintendo head his whole life. He bought himself a Switch with his own dog sitting money and he’s a regular with friends in For Honor, TF2, Overwatch, and more.

So what happened? Well, I had that massive heart attack and then I had a failed Children’s Book make it to the heart of NY publishing. Twice in the brink of success, it abruptly was pulled away and you know what? I decided to practice what I preached.

I stopped working, I became a stay-at-home dad and for the past 5 years I’ve only gamed with my son (and X-Com 2 because, the Chosen are rad), watched Marvel Movies, got a bartending license, started dancing, and started living life.

Now I’m back.
And as if on queue this article appears, citing new fears of video game addiction.
Compulsive video-game playing now new mental health problem

I’ll talk about that later. For now here’s my promise:

1. Cary is still the man and will still publish as he has been.

2. You’ll see me ever Sunday or Monday with some thoughts.

3. You might get some stuff from my son and his friends.

I’m back, not with a bang and not with a whimper – but with a promise: The Kids are All Right.

Andrew S. Bub

4 Responses to “Happy Father’s Day – We’re 15!”

  1. Also a thank you Matt Carlson!

  2. Welcome back Gamerdad! Seems as though you are needed again.

  3. Great to see you back! My kids are now in the throes of Nintendo and I’m starting to balance out what the eldest should be playing (Fortnite? or not? for now is allowed…) And the two boys (oldest ones) are now good opponents for my boardgaming addiction.

    I’m still always on the prowl for local multiplayer (particularly co-op) on the Switch and co-op boardgames (of which there are now quite a few…)

  4. Welcome back! We should have a reunion or something. Wonder what Momgamer and Dave Long are up to nowawadays.

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