The Pizza Pixel Podcast Episode 21: Saturday Morning Fever

Get a bowl of your favorite sugary cereal ready, because in this episode of The Pizza Pixel Podcast, my brother Jeff and I talk about our favorite Saturday Morning cartoons!  Those are kind of a thing of the past thanks to streaming services and whatnot.  But for a good long while, they sure were big with kids.

Anyway, please forgive the poor audio quality in this episode.  Jeff got a new computer and we were having microphone troubles but I figured it would be best to get something out there than nothing at all.  Plus it’s getting harder and harder to arrange our schedules to record these things.  Finally, this is one of those episodes that has a “secret song” so be sure to listen all the way to find out what it is!

The Pizza Pixel Podcast Episode 21: Saturday Morning Fever

Anyway, thanks for listening.  In the comments section, tell me YOUR favorite Saturday Morning cartoons!  Later!  –Cary

One Response to “The Pizza Pixel Podcast Episode 21: Saturday Morning Fever”

  1. Ok, Superfriends and Scooby’s All-Star Laff-a-Lympics

    The former definitely at the time, the latter more of a nostalgic opinion now.

    There were probably a few others, but that whole Saturday morning cartoon thing was weird – no cartoons any other time of the day or night. And I think it was only about 2 hours worth of cartoons tops before it got back to “boring” shows…

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