Doctor, Doctor..

I think while GamerDad is recuperating (please read this if you haven’t already), I’ll taunt him by only making posts with a doctor, hospital, or surgery theme.

Nah, it’s coincidence, honest. I just wanted to highlight a little site called Vista Game Doctor which aims to ease your Vista gaming pains. If you’re running Vista, you know all too well that many older games have issues, but now you don’t have to dig around community forums to find the fixes you need.

The site is run by an experienced game QA/support veteran, and it’s clear he knows his stuff.

3 Responses to “Doctor, Doctor..”

  1. Thanks for the link. Only have 112 games up now, but I’m trying to get between 30 to 50 new games up a week. It just takes time to manually test each one…

  2. That is a great site! I’m still pretty much on XP but it is good to know what to expect!

  3. Oh this is a great link to have. Thanks much.

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