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Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster Official Strategy Guide (Book)

FFCOVERSquare Enix has recently re-released their PS2 classic Final Fantasy X and its sequel and added HD visuals on the PS3. And if you’re new to the series or are a bit rusty since your last play and need a little help, BradyGames has you covered with the official strategy guide for this collection!


3DS Birthday Bash StreetPass Meetup for the North Dallas/Plano, TX Area!

3DS1This month is the three-year anniversary of the release of the Nintendo 3DS. And it’s the second anniversary of the North Dallas/Plano, TX 3DS StreetPass Meetup. So in honor of that, we’re having another meeting next Saturday, March 22. Same time, same place. For more information, click here.

Cary’s Top Five Favorite Green-Clad Video Game Characters!

YOSHI_BOXIt’s almost St. Patrick’s Day! And you know what that means? We all have to wear green! Green is my favorite color, and I have some Irish in my family so St. Patrick’s Day is a pretty fun holiday for me. So in honor of that, here is a blog about my favorite green video game characters! They’re always ready for St. Patrick’s Day! These are in no particular order, by the way.


Cary’s Top Five Favorite Donkey Kong Games

MARIOVSDK2In honor of the release of Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze for Wii U at the end of this week, I thought I’d write a blog about my top five favorite Donkey Kong games. How high can you get? It’s on like Don…er, a stubborn monkey!


G.P. the GamerPuppet Unboxes Bravely Default: Collector’s Edition on 3DS!

BRAVE1Hey there! G.P. the GamerPuppet here! A new 3DS role-playing game just came out in the US: Bravely Default from Square-Enix, and Cary just got the Collector’s Edition of it. So I’m going to unbox it for you and see what’s all in it. Let’s check it out!


Skylanders Valentines

VALENTINE1You know when you were in Elementary School and you had to give out those little perforated card Valentines with cartoon characters on them to everyone in your class? Well, they still do those. Every time I pass by the Valentine aisle, it’s always interesting what kid properties are deemed popular enough to make into Valentines. But I’m also surprised that we don’t see that many video game characters made into Valentines like that. Maybe the licensing fees for video game characters like Mario and Sonic are too expensive? Or maybe kids just don’t like video games as much as I think they do? Nah, it’s gotta be the licensing fees. But recently I saw these at the store so I had to write about them: Skylanders Valentines.


Candy Crush Fruit Snacks

CANDYHere’s something I found amusing at the grocery store the other day: Candy Crush Fruit Snacks! That just tells you how popular that match-three puzzle game is! I think they’re made by the same folks who did Angry Birds fruit snacks. They taste the same and they even advertise them the same. They boast that they’re gluten free for instance (but they aren’t a wheat-type product, so of course they’re gluten free, duh). The snacks are shaped like the various things you match in Candy Crush. I don’t know if it’s just me, but fruit snacks don’t taste as good as they used to. Click here to see a bigger picture of the box. What video games would you like to see fruit snacks of? I don’t know why they haven’t made Pac-Man fruit snacks yet. You’d think that would be a perfect fit.


Pokemon Tournament!

SNORLAXNext weekend on Saturday, January 18, I’m helping host a Pokemon Tournament with the North Dallas/Plano, TX StreetPass Meetup group at the GameStop we usually go to. So if you’re in the area and are interested, come on down and bring your 3DS and Pokemon X/Y games! Click here for more info.  

Cary is Looking Forward in 2014

CHIBIHappy New Year everyone! At this time of year I like to write about what games I’m looking forward to playing and reviewing in 2014. Now I know there will still be lots of games announced as the year goes on, but these are what popped into my head at the time.


The Legend of Zelda 2014 Calendar

ZELDA_1At my cubicle at work, I like to hang up a wall calendar that I usually get at Christmas. The past two years I’ve gotten Muppet calendars, so I wanted something different this year. So this time I got a Zelda calendar! Click here to take a look.