Cake or Die!

Gooey Goomba!Jocelyn loves video games. She also loves to bake. Combine the two, and you have Snack or Die, where she details some amazing game-related (mostly) sweet treats.

We’ve had discussions before over at the GamerDad forums about taking something from the videogame world and turning it into a family activity, and I can’t think of a yummier project than tackling any of these, from the modern Portal cake cookies to the adorable retro Burgertime cookie burgers to the classic savory Pac-Man crackers.

If you’re not charmed, you have no taste buds and hate games.

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  1. As soon as I saw the topic title I thought immediately “The cake is a lie”. 😀 Very cool. I might convince my mom to make something from there because for some reason I’m not allowed to use the stove anymore 😕

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