The Onion Exposes Wii

birdo1.jpgIn a fit of journalistic daring-do the Onion newspaper has exposed the true danger posed by the Wii’s motion controlled sensitivity. It doesn’t teach our kids to kill, but it might teach them to mince. Sometimes satire is the best way to show how lame an argument truly is. “These games are a prissy little menace to our society,” said Linda Roberts, 35, a mother of three and founder of the group Parents Against Wii, which is suing Nintendo for $52 million in damages from two recent swattings.”

No Responses to “The Onion Exposes Wii”

  1. You beat me to this one! I read this yesterday … my favorite quote:

    “The Nintendo company is knowingly exposing our children to disturbing acts of foppishness right in our living rooms,”

  2. I loved this when I ran into it.

    I’m just waiting for the inevitable brilliant individual who doesn’t understand it’s a joke and agrees with it. 😉

  3. … cue the religious right boycotts against Nintendo for ‘endorsing an alternative lifestyle at odds with what God intended’ … 😀

  4. It would not surprise me if they did react that way.

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