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gamerparenting.jpg“So lemme introduce to you… the act we’ve known for all these years!”

Got kids? Do you miss having free time? Sleep? Do you wish you could spend more of your time playing games? Do you “make time” for games, rather than your spouse, when your kids are asleep? Are you planning ahead to introduce your child to the retro games and other favorites from your youth?  Good news folks, Crispy Gamer has the 2nd issue of my GamerParenting column up and ready for reading. It’s the parenting column for hardcore gamers.


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  1. I like the first couple of articles you have … I just wish I felt good about the rest of the stuff at Crispy. There have been a couple of ‘pandering fanboy’ interviews in a row …

  2. Wait? There’s other articles at Crispy Gamer? I thought it was just there to showcase me!
    I think given the star bull pen that blaming the interviewer is more important than blaming the site. The ego mix over there is … interesting to say the least.

    What’s weird for me is that I haven’t worked with or talked to most of these writers for 5 years and it stuns me how little they’ve changed as people. I’m very different now than I was 5 years ago. Mostly in good ways, some bad.

  3. Oh, also, now is totally the best time to send a letter to the editor if there’s something you don’t like. They’re brand new and probably more open to suggestions. Just write a good constructive letter and I can guarantee someone there will read it carefully.

  4. What you have done in the past five years cannot be overstated, in my opinion. You have had a profound impact on the game world, and definitely touched quite a crowd of gaming parents looking to sort their way through this whole mess.

    I know I count myself in that number – I still recall subjecting both my kids to the opening cutscene in Jedi Knight a little while before JKII came out. Each reacted very differently and I was reminded that just because they were fine with Episode I didn’t mean they were ready for that … and that I lacked perspective on media impact and appropriateness for my kids!

  5. regarding the letter – are you saying that it wouldn’t be constructive suggesting that they retitle the Bioware interview “An awesome discussion of video game awesomeness with Dr’s Awesome and Awesomer from the always-awesome Bioware’? 😀

  6. That’d be awesome!

    And thanks for the kind words man. I feel a bit like a paper boat sometimes, but there are payoffs now and then.

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