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My fellow Gamer Parents – if you’ve come to looking for our review archive and our spashy archive page you’re probably wondering why you’re here instead. The reason is simple, this is home now. We’re integrating with the GamingwithChildren blog for a variety of reasons – some of them having to do with my heart attack of last September, but most of them having to do with my concentrating on what we do best. What I do best. And that’s reflecting, interpreting, and analyzing the video game industry – while helping parents navigate these confusing waters. That’s what we’re doing. Come inside to find out more.


  CLICK HERE FOR TO FIND OUR OLD REVIEWS. is renowned for its archive and the pioneering concepts of “Going Beyond the ESRB” and “Kid Factor” where we post a content review at the end of a critical review. Our rivals, Common Sense Media and What They Play have emulated their own versions of this and last year Disney had me create their “Parents Need To Know” concept – which is based on my Kid Factor.

Somehow we outdid CommonSense Media – a moneyed non-profit with a board that reads like a “Who’s Who” of parental experts and advocates – and posted more game reviews over the past three years then they did. (Disclosure, as recently as last month I wrote reviews occasionally for CSM.)

We’re good at reviews. We’ll still be doing it, but from a parental/family play perspective.

I apologize to all of you who’ll miss our Review Archive and what we brought to the table. I leave you in capable hands (CSM and WhatTheyPlay). The fact is, GamerDad might run by me, but it is powered by a handful of volunteers. People I’m endebted to forever. We launched in 2003 and in that time we’ve published over 1200 reviews and hundreds of articles. The best of that content is going to appear here, on every business day, until we hit our Father’s Day anniversary. It’ll be clearly marked “Retro” to warn you that you might be reading older content.

What about our Review Archive?

Well, I’ve found a buyer and will be able to announce who that is sometime soon. Our content will change probably – the buyer has a different format – but I’m proud and happy to say that the money made on this deal will go to reward our reviewers. Something I’m very gratified to finally get to do.

In a world that has,,, and a handful more, GamerDad simply cannot compete. So, you’ll find me working for them, helping them, and concentrating on continuing to influence this debate as best I can.

And I can.

I have some announcements that’ll knock your socks off!

Welcome to the new We’re proud to present GamingwithChildren – now and forever. Excelsior!

-Andrew S. Bub



64 Responses to “The New”

  1. in halo 2 and 3 is there any dark magic? Or any magic at all?

  2. Not to my knowledge. It’s sci-fi, but it doesn’t even have The Force. Curious: Is this a religious question? No judgement, I try to appeal to all concerns.

  3. i just pre-order red dead redemption but, i saw that the game has nudity (i already have games with nudity) its that bad or it depends?

  4. My son has been talking to me about purchasing Grand Theft Auto 4. He already has games like Saints Row 2, Fallout 3, Assassins Creed 2, and Modern Warefare 2. The only reason im second guessing my self is because of the game itself. Do you think it would be apropriate o for him?

  5. My parents are strict on video games. My mom for language which isn’t a problem because there’s kind of a “mute” button, but my dad doesn’t like them because of shooting and violence overall. I’m trying to convince them to let me get Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory but my dad says no because there are guns, but my mom is fine with it because I play with the volume off anyway. Any suggestions besides telling my dad that you’re encouraged to use stealth as your weapon and,”You’ve seen me play Pandora Tomorrow and if I use my gun it’s only for stick shockers.” So any suggestions

  6. My son wants to get Halo:Reach when it comes out. He is 13 and i let him get Halo 3 because all his friends have it and all his friends are going to get Reach too. I have heard that Reach will be more violent but is it ok for someone who has played Halo 3

  7. are people still watching this? Anyhow, Hi people, I`m a 12 year old and I want to play mw2 (modern warfare 2) because I`ve played it at my friend`s house, and my parents are ok with that. But, I can`t play it or even get a game that`s rated M (I do play one called team fortress 2, but it`s a very soft M) because I have a little 5 year old brother. My dad also has Oblivion: The Elder Scrolls IV, and I want to play it too, but I can`t, for the same reason I can`t play mw2 at my house. any suggestions?

  8. I am not some whiny kid who says I’m really really mature and I don’t go around saying mom can I get this M game how about that one. It’s just my cousin got halo 3 and he really wants to play it with me. I’m about 11 and a half years old, My parents say I’m very mature for my age but I think somewhat exaggerating, I am rather mature but not as mature as like a 14 year old. People say it’s like starwars and I’ve seen all the movies. Do you think Halo 3 is a suitable game for me?

  9. Hi there Gamerdad,

    I was wondering if you could help me out a bit. I’m 17 years old and my parents hardly let me get M games. I had to wait until I was 13 until i could purchase Teen games, and so now I’m 17, and they still give me a hard time. Every kid I know has been playing M since they were 13 at the most, and I’ve played these games with them all the time. But for some reason my parents STILL don’t understand.

    Could you give me some advice as to reasoning with them?

  10. esrb needs a rating between mature and teen!! Many mature games are as innapropriate of pg-13 movies. I am fourteen and can tell you that most major mature games would be appropriate for a 10 year old to play. the biggest variable in this area is the childs maturity. Basically if your child is an immature idiot, who cannot tell the difference between life and games, than no m games for them!! Howerver, most kids can handle minor swearwords and some blood(lacall of duty 4). Only weird people cannot handle that.

  11. @bill… yes!!!!!!! That game should be rated teen if ya ask moi.

  12. Well just to say I will agree with you sir, ESRB can be pretty picky. Heck, I believe reviews a lot more than a little letter in the corner of a game box. I’m 14 but I won’t play ANYTHING rated over T, but that’s not because of parents or anything, It’s just because violence makes me twitch. But oh well I hope to help with reccomondations for the younger audiences.

  13. I am at a very hard spot. I have a 9 year old who has been been playing all of the Call of Duty games, the Halo Reach, and Assassins Creed. He also has Kinect games. Here is my question I took these games away because he drew a picture and after his little sister laughed at it he drew a gun and killed the bunny. My husband says I need to take them all away but still let him watch all the scary gory movies. How bad are these games and can you recommend games for someone his age. Any help would be great.


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