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Welcome to the New GamerDad!

9 years ago, Father’s Day 2003, launched to almost immediate critical acclaim. It was a different time. Videogames were still new and just breaking into the mainstream and parents largely looked upon them with suspicion. Back then, the only websites trying to help parents understand games were based on the idea that warning and scaring parents was the way to go – forget about understanding – and the news media seemed only interested in exploiting parental and societal fears. Were games responsible for horrors like the Columbine massacre? Or the equally heinous and shocking copy-cat atrocities that occurred in Paducah Kentucky or Jackson Mississippi?  Was digital violence making the world a more dangerous place? Politicians like Hillary Clinton and Joe Liebermann thought so and they were aided and abetted by self-serving lawyers, journalists and nascent bloggers. Most of videogame’s opponents doubtlessly meant well, but they all had one thing in common: The didn’t PLAY games. That’s where I came in.


Why the anti-videogame law was terrible and Doomed from the start

The Supreme Court decision that the California video game law (barring vendors from selling the game to minors) is in. Video games are a form of speech and therefore protected by the first amendment. This has been the limb GamerDad has been on for 8 years now. What this means is, California cannot legally stop a child from buying a game like Mortal Kombat. Such laws, though they might seem obvious and obviously good, are impossible in this country because free speech basically says that the government cannot legislate against it.


An RPG for PSP for Lil’ Old Me

The PSP is an excellent system that I almost never have time for.  Henry noticed that I have Burnout Paradise but that’s about it as far as games I’d take to a desert island. Consequently I haven’t been following the RPG scene on the little handheld. Good, bad, Japanese, what? Good thing I have a guy named MIKE ANDERSEN who works for RPGWatch and handles our own THIS WEEK IN GAMES.  Please help him! Post your answers in the message board that appears after you enter the article.   Good RPGs for PSPs and WHY?  Bonus Points for whomever can identify the screen shot upper left.  Questioner is probably between 14-18.  Keep that in mind.

The MLA ’08 Librarian Convention

Last week Thursday (11/20) I took my speech down to Mississippi to talk to the grassroots. I’ve spoken at PAX, I’ve been on the radio and TV, I’ve been published anywhere, but I think I did the most GOOD last Thursday than in the 5.5 years of GamerDad previous. Think about it. I preached the good word about videogames, gave the best advice I have, and inspired over 400 librarians from tiny libraries across Mississippi to open their minds to electronic gaming. These librarians will convince parents, who will spread it to teachers, and so on, and so on, and so on. Thank you MLA, I had a wonderful time and your enthusiasm is infectious. Also, don’t challenge a librarian to Wii bowling lightly… they might surprise you. READ MORE…


GamerDad Votes ’08

Politics at GamerDad are never simple. On the Right, you have the Cultural Conservatives, the “Moral Majority” (evangelicals and other people who want to impose “morality” on a society they see as slipping downward). While on the Left we have the “It takes a village” and the “protect the children” crowd (the people who attempt to ban all “play” violence). Both ban videogames for the same reason – violence – differing only in how much language doesn’t bother one side and how much sex does the other. Because of this, I serve both sides and don’t want to alienate either. But Tuesday is important and I have something to say about Barack Obama.


The GamerParents of PAX

I shopped this around but it was held and deemed too personal by one site – deemed now out of date by other sites – which is why I never write on spec. But this needed to be written. Some of you know this remarkable story but maybe people will link it around some. It’s a great tale and all about GamerDad and my special relationship with Penny-Arcade, Child’s Play Charity, and PAX.


Videogames v. Reading

“Why do you recommend video games when you could be recommending books and reading?”  

I’ve gotten this question a few times, mostly from the well-meaning type who maybe tries but probably can’t wrap their head around the attraction of games and gaming. This type is an avid reader and cannot understand why kids seem to be giving up books. Here’s what I tell them:


Nancy Drew: The Phantom of Venice

Nancy’s back, and so are the mysterious forces of intrigue that make her America’s number one teen sleuth. Nancy Drew: The Phantom of Venice is her 18th computer adventure and this time she’s in Venice seeking to unmask a catburgler fond of ancient, and priceless, artifacts. Read the content review over at WhatTheyPlay.

The Media War


Is Media Controversy a tale as old as time? The war against violent media is not new. Learn the history of media controversy, and take a sobering look at what’s in store for gamers down the road.

Video Game Glossary

glossery.jpgWe meant to do this for 5 years but WhatTheyPlay not only beat us to it – they did a better job than I have time to attempt right now.  So, if you want a comprehensive glossary about video games – click here!