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GamerDad’s Guide to Mods

ffgdbox11.jpgby Mike Anderson 

So you want to change the Game World? Mods aren’t well-understood by parents and Mike’s here to change that.


GamerDad Explained!

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Big things are happening for GamerDad. In fact, an important press release is sending parents here in droves. We want them to understand what we’re about as quickly as possible. Here’s your primer! more…

No More Advertising!

Nobody emailed me about it. There was no outcry. Heck, maybe nobody even noticed – but in case they did I want to personally apologize for the Grand Theft Auto IV banner ad that’s been running on this site over the past week. It’s not an actual ad, but a part of a service most websites use called Google Adsense. It’s a clever little program that analyzes your blog and puts up paid ads (paid to Google – then paid to webmasters based on viewership) based on what you’re talking about.


Retro: GamerDad on Film

vaguely-qualified.jpgWho Am I?

At the Penny-Arcade Expo two years ago I was interviewed for a film. The problem is they can’t get my name right! Oh the injustice!


GamerDad Reading List is my vision and helping parents and kids learn which games are safe and which games aren’t, is my quest. Maybe that’s why a lot of people have asked me how I came to my conclusions. What books influenced my thinking? Here’s a reading list so you can become a “GamerDad” ™ too!


Console Guide: Nintendo Wii

wiilogo.jpgBy far the most frequent question I get here at GamerDad is:
“What console should I buy for my kids?”

Should You Buy a Nintendo Wii?


The New

My fellow Gamer Parents – if you’ve come to looking for our review archive and our spashy archive page you’re probably wondering why you’re here instead. The reason is simple, this is home now. We’re integrating with the GamingwithChildren blog for a variety of reasons – some of them having to do with my heart attack of last September, but most of them having to do with my concentrating on what we do best. What I do best. And that’s reflecting, interpreting, and analyzing the video game industry – while helping parents navigate these confusing waters. That’s what we’re doing. Come inside to find out more.


Is There Sex in Video Games?

leisuresuit.jpgQUESTION: Is There Explicit Sex or Nudity in Video Games? Most videogames don’t have sex in them. And when they do, it’s always tamer than what you’d find in a soap opera. Really. It’s true! I don’t care what the evening news told you or how vague those ESRB descriptors are there really isn’t much sex in mainstream video games (we don’t consider porn games to be games in the same way that most people don’t consider porno to be films).


Console Guide: PlayStation 2

ps2logo.jpgBy far the most frequent question I get here at GamerDad is:
“What console should I buy for my kids?”

Should You Buy a PlayStation 2?


Are Violent Games Harmful?

gta4.jpgQUESTION: Do M-rated games – violent games – cause harm in children?

There are studies that indicate video games can temporarily raise the aggression level in children and that soon after playing these games or watching footage, the kids imitate what they’ve seen.