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Big things are happening for GamerDad. In fact, an important press release is sending parents here in droves. We want them to understand what we’re about as quickly as possible. Here’s your primer!

Who is GamerDad?

Andrew S. Bub is GamerDad. He’s not a child psychologist or a teacher and he doesn’t play them on TV. But he’s founded his career as a consumer advocate on media issues. He’s considered an expert by The New York Times, Associated Press, NPR, CNN, and countless other sources. He’s an expert on videogames with over 7 years experience reviewing them and interviewing the people who make them. He’s been published in newspapers and nationwide magazines and he’s a parent himself. GamerDad is joined by a crew of handpicked gamer parents (and one gamer sibling). It’s really a small amount of voices. You’ll get to know them as time goes on.

We at GamerDad are dedicated to the following propositions:

* Games are not harmful to kids. This hasn’t been proven, of course, but despite what you may have heard or read causality has likewise, never been proven.
* Good parenting = involved and informed parenting. You can’t keep kids from what they love. But you can remain involved. GamerDad will help you do that.
* That this is a good industry, but the media often misportrays the game industry as irresponsible. A pro-active approach is necessary. Parents need better information than newspapers and “pundits who aren’t gamers themselves” can provide.
* Parents need more information than the ESRB can provide on the back of a box.
* That we can’t tell you how or what to think. Read our reviews and articles and come to your own conlcusions. We aren’t pro-gaming evangelists. We’re just talking about games. Join the discussion with us, and your kids.
* We don’t think it’s wrong, bad, evil, or dangerous to let your kids play M-Rated games! Really. We don’t recommend it but we’re not going to judge you. All we ask is that you stay informed and involved. Supervise how they play, play with them, be involved, talk about it.


Beyond the ESRB: The Entertainment Software Ratings Board

GamerDad supports the ESRB even though we occasionally disagree with it. We like the fact that a Ratings Board exists. The problem with the ESRB is it’s secretive nature. And the fact that most of the judges aren’t gamers. The ESRB believes this is best because it reflects the average mainstream mom or dad’s sensibilities. That’s a fair point. Where GamerDad disagrees is with the idea that a GamerParent, like myself and much of my staff, is somehow out-of-touch with the non-gaming parent the ESRB is trying to help.

We disagree.

Those non-gamers are our wives, husbands, friends, parents, etc., and as we parent, we look at the violence, sex, drug references, occult imagery, etc., in games with the same eyes a non-gamer does.

That said, the ESRB does an excellent job overall and is a terrific tool for parents as a front line “at-a-glance” system. GamerDad, however, is not limited to what they can fit on the back of the box. We go beyond the ESRB and tell you more about what’s inside the games. The content.

The ESRB ratings can be viewed and are explained in full here


What is My Mission?

With GamerDad I want it all. I want a giant megaphone with which to spread my heartfelt message and expertise in videogames far and wide. I want to help people. I want to help defend a good industry. I want to broaden minds and I want to succeed without compromising my integrity.

5 years gone by.  So far, so good.

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