Ask GamerDad 4/28/08

It’s the special Grand Theft Auto IV column! I’ve been getting GTA mail for about 4 weeks now and WhatTheyPlay’s John Davison suggested I save them and answer the best of them at once. They even made a nifty graphic for it. (Note: I’m playing GTA IV now – expect my thoughts before the week is out! It literally begins with a fat guy in boxers being whipped by a dominatrix, that’s your first image. A conversation about “tits” is the first thing you hear. And people really do ask me if this game is for kids or not. Wheee!)

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  1. You DO look like a monkey! I never noticed before.

  2. Ok gamerdad, i have a pretty important question and if you could answer this soon as possible, that would be great. SO. Im a 13 year old boy who has a 360,, Wii, and PS2. Im allowed to play games like Halo and Call of Duty 4. My parents care alot about me but do not shield me from everything. As said before, i can play violent video games. My parents watch rated r movies with me but not ones with alot of sex scenes and TOO much violence. Ive seen ones like 310 to Yuma, Shooter, Lions for Lambs, Micheal Clayton…and so on. And i havent been affected by any of these movies and games. Im involved in many sports such as football, soccer, golf, basketball, and skiing, but i am currently not active in any of them. I had a horrible ski accident-broke my femur, both bones in my arm, and 4 bones in my face, had two surgeries. I know right from wrong. I dont have the urge to blow up a car or snipe a person in the face. I hear about sex and prostuties all the time at school. Im an honor student at school and i have a social life with many good friends and a girlfriend. Now, bringing up my main topic, I have played the Grand Theft Auto games many times at friends houses. Its kind of annoying when all my friends are allowed to get these games(they also have very responsible parents). I have a hard time asking for violent games from my parents. Ive really wanted to bring up the GTA4 topic with my parents but i get really nervous. Now considering all of these things, should a 13 year old like myself be able to get Grand Theft Auto 4? Ive been looking up this game for months and looking at other teens who are in my same situation. Thanks, and please reply soon.

  3. I would recommend talking to your parents about *the game*, rather than starting with ‘there is this game I want to get’. GTA 4 has gotten plenty of press, so they should have heard, and what they’ve heard is probably not factual. Send them here to look at also to someplace like GamePolitics. Then continue the discussion – and show your maturity through patience. Waiting a month to talk with them before getting it won’t kill you.

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