GamerDad on WIOD Miami: GTA IV

WIOD Miami 610, a FOX Radio affiliate, contacted me this morning about Grand Theft Auto IV. I emphasized that the game is for adults, and that while kids won’t be harmed by it, the game is too satirical and mature in content for kids to really appreciate.  The interview aired at 10am Central Time this morning and was edited down to two topics: “How offensive if the game?” and “The High Def makes it worse.” Hey, they didn’t misquote me at least – and the information is useful and accurate – if not completely fair and balanced. Regardless, thanks WIOD for the opportunity to help your listeners!

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  1. Well, like you say, at least they didn’t butcher what you said! And it is great that they are calling you about this!

  2. That’s good to hear. If we can at least get them to “accurate”, then parents have what they need.

  3. I checked their site and couldn’t find anything (not surprising) – is it recorded anywhere?

  4. Finally a gamer interviewed on anything news related that knows how to word what they are talking about. I saw a clip on the news this morning (either NBC or ABC) that a reporter had asked a 12 year old girl why she liked GTA. And guess what she said? “Because it’s addictive”. I think we all know how that word has a two different meanings. In gaming addictive by itself just means that you keep it in your disc tray for longer than a month.

  5. *well pretty much. Some games seriously are addictive though. Like WoW can be when moderation is not used….

  6. ya but its not the WoW that’s addictive – it’s the distraction from reality.

  7. Doesn’t that make it addictive? Aren’t drugs a distraction from reality as well? I have a friend that, after school, does his homework as fast as he can and plays WoW for the rest of the day. He plays WoW every second he can. He’s been doing this for 2 years. A lot of kids in my school are like that. WoW has become the new AIM here pretty much.

  8. Drug addiction has physical as well as psychological implications. Playing games, like collecting YuGiOh cards or watching sports all the time, can be called ‘addictive’, but there are only psychological implications. However, folks who play call it ‘addictive’ in a casual and positive way while critics use the ‘addictive’ term to imply a ‘sickness’.

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