RETRO: GamerDad Family #3

family.gifFather’s Day Irony

It didn’t seem quite right to post this on Father’s Day this year. I had other things to promote and this one would have, um, thrown this year’s tone out of whack.  It’s old but it’s an amusing look back at an unforgettable event.  So, in the interest of saving old content and celebrating our 5 year anniversary – here you go!  The most ironic Father’s Day ever.

One of the problems with doing a site like GamerDad is that you can’t skip out on days like today. No matter how much you’d rather play with the kids, or, y’know, be an actual dad, there’s a need, a responsibility, to write something on days like today. That can pull one in differing directions. I’d intended to do a big feature article pointing out some of the better games for dads to play on a day like this. That didn’t pan out. My wife is in a career transition, my kids are recovering from a nasty illness, and I have kind of a big day tomorrow.

I’m getting a vasectomy.

Yes, I just watched my wife take my two kids away from me. Barely 4 hours into Father’s Day, I watched them go. The reason is simple, my mother-in-law is doing us a huge favor by keeping my precocious daughter and dad-tackling son away from me while I recover tomorrow and Tuesday.

So, on Father’s Day I watched me kids leave me. Tomorrow I’m making sure I won’t be a father again (this is the right choice even if there’s a part of me that wants a 3rd and maybe even a 4th kid) and my doctor (who is a cocky guy) is named Doctor Johnson.

Kids gone on Father’s Day
Vasectomy the day after Father’s Day
Doctor’s name is Johnson

Isn’t it ironic? Don’t you think?

Happy Father’s Day from GamerDad!

7 Responses to “RETRO: GamerDad Family #3”

  1. … cocky Dr. Johnson … hehe …

  2. Easy to turn the last bit into a Haiku –

    Kidless Father’s Day
    Vasectomy on the next
    Dr. Johnson cuts

  3. This is interesting to me since my wife and I have had the same discussion of my doing this. I just haven’t gotten up the nerve to call any doctors yet…. No idea why…..

  4. Oh yes, cocky Dr. Johnson was also a real dick.

    See, I had them correct something minor while “in there” and he sorta forgot to tell me that the normally 3 day recovery time would in fact be 3 weeks or so. By day 10 Linda and I were panicking over the pain. I could have killed the nurse when, on the phone she said “Oh, well, you had that other thing. Why would you think you’d be healed now.”

    BECAUSE THE DOCTOR DIDN”T TELL ME THAT I remember screaming (in a deep voice).

    For 90% of people it’s not a big deal. We did it because the pill had some negative side effects for Linda, we knew we were done, and because the procedure is more invasive on her.

  5. A Simple Fathers Day
    Vasectomy. Makes up for…
    The Pain of Childbirth

    Thanks for your Haiku too Croaker!

  6. There was no doubt for us – our OB had basically said ‘never try to have another kid’ after the harrowing two weeks of my wife in the hospital after our second son. She had terrible internal scarring and adhesions … so there was no way I would have thought about any elective surgery for her!

  7. Yeah, Hallmark just can’t keep up with the occasions — there’s no “Sorry your sack hurts so much” section at the store in the local mall. Heh.

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