The Origin of GamerDad, Reprint Issue 1

supes.jpgI’m a nerd. Which is probably why I did a weekly feature around the time when GamerDad launched in ’03.

Under a Yellow Sun stands GamerDad!

The planet Atari was being torn asunder by natural and unnatural cataclysm. A scientist foresaw what was happening, but no one believed him. So he used what little time he had to construct a single space capsule and he and his wife tearfully placed their infant son within it.


The tiny ship launched as the planet below was utterly destroyed.

Eventually the craft landed in Milwaukee Wisconsin, where a nice young couple found the baby and raised it as their own. It wasn’t until years later (and after the purchase of an Atari 2600) that they realized their orphan son was no mere mortal.

Now under the guise of mild mannered gaming freelance reporter Andrew Bub, GamerDad is ever-vigilant and ready to use gaming skills to save the world. All he needs to do is take off those stupid glasses….

For Truth, Justice, and Great Gaming!

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