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divine-divinity.jpg From an article of mine just posted at RPGWatch:

One of the quirky ‘top whatever’ lists that appears every now and then is the list of worst names for video games. And somewhere on every one of those lists is Divine Divinity. Yeah, it IS pretty obvious why.

The game would also appear on another list – if some one could figure out how to name it. That list would be ‘best deep role playing game that fans of classic RPG’s have ignored because it features action-RPG combat and has a very difficult and long dungeon in the beginning.’ So you can see I won’t be getting a job naming lists anytime soon. Point is, this is a game that many RPG fans tried the demo and felt it was just yet another Diablo Clone and left it behind. Something about the old saying ‘you only get one chance to make a first impression’ springs to mind.

Read the rest of the Retrospective here!

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  1. Nice article. I enjoyed reading it.

    The funny thing was your piece on Divine Divinity appearing within about a week of the latest GameBoomers.com’s “Dark SIde” favorites list which had this game tied in third place (with KotOR and Morrowind) only behind The Witcher and Oblivion.

    So Divine Divinity finds itself rated in stellar company — all being games I’ve played and enjoyed — but I’d never really taken notice of this game at all.

    Thanks to you and the folks at GB, I’ll now need to find a copy to see whether I have what it takes to make my way through the initial dungeon and then the rest of the game.

  2. Thanks!

    So sad to see Oblivion so high on that list 😉 … but interestingly the only one I hadn’t played was Zanzarah. Have to check it out.

    As for getting Divine Divinity … Amazon ‘shops’, eBay, or perhaps getting lucky at the jewel case section of Circuit City, Walmart or Target. Boy I wish I had grabbed an armload of these when they had them for $10 at CompUSA.

  3. I’ve got a request queued through Goozex, but I’m not particularly optimistic as the numbers aren’t changing. But since it’s $5+$1 there instead of about $20 through the Amazon affiliates (not including shipping), I think I’ll let it sit there before I give up.

    It’s not like I haven’t got games still in shrink wrap waiting for me to play.

    I completely understand your opinion on Oblivion, yet it is still a game that many people enjoy, myself included, even though I’ve yet to “finish” it.

    By “the only one I hadn’t played” on the list, just how far down did you go? I’m guessing that you aren’t including all the 2 votes or 1 vote portions. But then again, you are known for your ability to get through lots of games.

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