PAX-termath ’08

We’re back and we had a great time at the show. I don’t have the words to describe it but the big speech – though good, I think – was a bit impacted by some unexpected emotion. I mean, last time I was in the building, talking about that stuff, to those kinds of people – I was just one week away from a massive heart attack. Tomorrow is the “anniversary” and there’s a part of me that’s ignoring it and another part that sees it as the end of a long, long, tunnel.  It’s been a harrowing year – time to put that behind me.

I’ll start blogging about it in earnest on Wednesday morning about PAX. Lots of good stories to tell. Expect stuff from Cary and Colleen, maybe even sooner.  I hope we’ve found some new fans.  Oh, and if I haven’t overloaded your heart strings yet I’d like to add that tomorrow is also my parents wedding anniversary (yeah, they almost lost their boy on their wedding day) and to make things worse, my paternal grandmother had a minor stroke.  Please keep her in your thoughts during her recovery (it was fairly minor but she is in her mid-80’s). Ah, another September. The Bub blood, though strong and full of love, betrays once again! Say a prayer for the GamerOma*!

For now?  Skip fast food this week. Eat healthy,  Play Wii Fit and Dance Dance Revolution. 

*Oma is grandma in German. I call her grandma, but we have the kids call her Oma

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  1. It was a great time… lots of great people again this year! Good to see you all. GamerDad again got a warm welcome from the PAX ’08 crowd, thanks so much for supporting Andrew and his efforts!
    Please Keep GamerOma in your thoughts, she’s not out of the woods yet.

  2. Hi! My husband, my son, and I all attended Gamerdad’s talk at PAX. It was great! I was wondering if there is an e-mail addy I could send a photo too? I got a great one of my son playing my DS while Gamerdad talks on stage in the background. 🙂

  3. Nice to meet you Ronda. Send me an email through the contact form on the left and I’ll reply. Attach the pic to your reply and I’ll get that wonderful picture!

  4. Hi GamerDad. Unfortunately I missed your talk, but I had a good time at PAX. Was your talk taped? I’m looking forward to reading your stories soon.

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