GamerDad Family: Quotes

I mentioned doing something for the BBC earlier, what we had to do was speak into a minidisc player via a comically large radio microphone. We sat on the couch – I did not, repeat, did not – prepare the children and we started talking. Two takes later we’d convinced, mostly through threats of DS confiscation, that this was NOT a time to start making fart noises and laughing really loud.

Linda and I talked about GamerDad, we talked about games, and then I turned to Maggie and asked her what she liked about games. She surprised me with an anecdote about the College age border, Crystal, we had living with us over the summer.

Maggie (8): “When you and mom were at gone and it was a rainy day, Crystal said we should play Bowling (that’s what my kids call “Wii Sports”) and Outdoor Challenge  because that’s LIKE being outside.”

I grinned. Then I turned to Henry…

Henry (5): “I like when I win!” then he imitates his hero “I’m-a the winnah!”



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