NHL 09 – Budding Hockey Dad

When I was a lad in College back in 1993-94 we had a dorm tradition involving a certain kind of herbal smoke, a certain kind of fermented beverage, and wine flavored jug  – did we party with togas on? Did we break stuff and pull pranks on the wicked old Dean? Did we socialize with women at all? No, no, and no. We had NHL tournaments on SEGA Genesis. And it was oh so good.

I reviewed the NHL series from about 1998-2002 so it’d been a while since I donned the skates. My friend Zane was on hand for the pummeling, Henry was cheerleading, and the puck dropped. What followed was two of the most exciting games I’ve played in years. We spent the whole first game trying to figure out the controls (I like ’em but hear you can use the classic ones too) and we finally nailed the one-timer and the flip shot to one of the corners at the last minute. Last second really. Twice!

Game 1 finished and we were tied 0-0. In OT I nailed that first one timer and scored!

Game 2 had 7.9 seconds left with the score again tired 0-0. Zane waggled his stick as he shot and boom! It sailed over the goalie’s shoulders.

Neither score felt flukey and the battle continues!  Henry wants to play so I’m asking EA if they have a spare Wii All-Play version.  I’m also curious about the 2K series. 

For now, I heartily recommend the game, the nostaligia, and passing from left wing to center on the breakaway!

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  1. That was probably my favorite Genesis game. We used to play that game all the time. I loved using the Islanders. Pierre Turgeon was so fast and had a great shot.

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