Mississippi Library Association Keynote

Tomorrow morning I jet off to Jackson Mississippi to address a few hundred librarians while they eat dinner. I’ll probably be helping them with their game night too. To be honest? I can’t wait. It’s fun and fine to chat with gamers and gamerparents, especially at a place like PAX, but I can’t move people there. I can’t defend gaming and I can’t explain why I think it’s crucial that libraries be involved and make games available to everyone who can afford a console – not just the rich. If I can change a few minds, I can really help a lot of parents and kids. Thank you MLA for this opportunity.

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  1. I hope it goes well! Libraries are already in a position of looking for ways to get more kids reading, so while they might be pre-disposed against video games in terms of enhancing literacy on their own, I think there is a great argument to be made that there is a definite place for video games in the balanced life of a well-rounded kid.

  2. I prefer to read and play games, since my parents hav a weekend only game rule. I kinda like it cause it gives me somethin to look forward to. Good luck at the MLA!

  3. Good luck out there GamerDad. I’ll be interested to hear the type of questions and follow up you get.

  4. Paul,
    I’ll write more but in many ways this was the culmination of my career. If my goal was to reach and move the reachable anti-gaming forces – talking to a bunch of small town librarians about games and getting this good a response feels like the most influential thing I’ve done as GamerDad. My speech was much better suited to the MLA audience.

    Anyway, update tomorrow probably!

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