2008 GamerDad Holiday Game Guide

Life during the Holiday shopping season is just too busy without having to wade through game review after game review – especially when they aren’t written by actual GamerParents who understand kids gaming habits. Here at GamerDad we believe that there are great games available for kids of all ages – and some games that are more appropriate for one age group than another. Check out each of our Holiday Shopping Guides to see some of the best games we’ve played for each age group.

Remember, by purchasing the game from Amazon.com uson your immediate right, you help sponsor GamerDad! (That’s a good thing? Right?)

Happy reading. Good luck shopping. And no matter what game company CEOs think – BUY USED GAMES. Don’t break your bank and use the (unfortunately small) dollars you save for an extra controller or maybe another game.



GamerDad’s Holiday Guide (A Great Pick for Every ESRB Rating)

Cary Woodham’s¬†Christmas Guide (For the Kids in All of Us)

Dr. Matt Carlson’s GamerDad Unplugged Boardgame Guide

The GamerDad Family Holiday Guide – Picks from GD’s kids!

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  1. Kinda surprising they even make board games anymore……………………
    anyways, nice guide.

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