Happy 38 to Me

Happy Birthday to me. Happy Birthday to me. Happy Birthday Dear me-eee. Happy Birthday to me!  4/25/71 I’m 38 and glad t0 still be here! Got tickets to Wilco from a friend, tickets to Neko Case from my wife. Drawings from my kids, oddities from my brother and sister in law, and a check, from my parents.  The powers that be have also given me my health, my family, and my beloved Basset Hound. I am healthy! Feels good!  Except I’ve heard from my children that I just might look like a monkey, and worse, smell like one too! I’d better look into that.

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  1. Happy (belated) Birthday!

    When did you post this though? I thought I responded to Cary’s last post late last night and didn’t see this one..

  2. Happy Birthday, man!

    Yeah I can smell you all the way from Texas! 🙂 –Cary

  3. I’m glad to hear that your birthday was good… the concert was fun and the cheesecake will be gone by tonight 🙂 Love you

  4. Happy Belated Birthday.

    I’ll blame my RSS feeder that the birthday wish is coming late.
    Glad you and the family had a good time.


  5. No belated;s necessary! I posted it just before midnight, last night. I’d also like to mention that my folks gave me a very thoughtful DVD as well.

  6. Happy (late :() bday.

  7. Happy Birthday, and just so you know….the cake is a lie 😉

  8. I hope your day went well…belated wishes!

  9. Happy Birthday! Sounds like you have things well under control…

    (I’m celebrating my 39th next month with a day-long boardgame party…. no surprise there. Folks are invited to drop by anytime between 11am & 10pm and play games…)

  10. Happy Birthday GamerDad! May you have many, many, many more.

  11. Of course, I forget to check the site for a day or two, look what I miss. =P

    Happy (belated) birthday, GamerDad!

  12. Happy Birthday!!

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